SeeSaw by Rebecca Hosking

For my 798th review, I present SeeSaw, an April 25, 2017 release by Rebecca Hosking, a singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee on the LoveLloyd Music Records label.  This fourteen track album of country singles contains such songs as Time To Go, the title track SeeSaw, Got The Devil On The Run, Between Me And The Moon and so much more.  I was impressed with Rebecca’s voice as well as how well this album was written, recorded, produced and performed.  I recommend you give this album a listen on Spotify and then purchase this album from Amazon, CD Baby, Itunes and other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


Concentration Time by Chalwa

Ashville, North Carolina Reggae legends Chalwa is releasing an innovative and eclectic new album called Concentration Time, released April 20, 2018.  The band consists of a diverse all-star line-up of local musicians featuring Dennis Berndt: Lead Vocals and Guitar, Dusty Brown: Bass, Nethali Percival: Percussion and Melodica, Timothy Marsh: Guitar and Vocals, Bernard Carmen: Keys and Vocals, Josh Lyn: Drums and Dub Machine and Evan Ackerman: Guitar.  With it being called possibly the “Sgt. Pepper” of reggae albums and with its unique and unusual production, along with the stellar performance by the band, upon listening to “Concentration Time” one might draw that conclusion as shown with great tracks as The Journey, the title track Concentration Time, Life Goes On, Sisters Of The Moon, Bassballs and much more.  This release started out as weekly studio sessions where the band was exploring different musical ideas/soundscapes with no intention of creating an album. We were just having fun every Monday and Tuesday night for months with no expectations.  This album was well written, recorded, produced and performed.  I am looking forward to hearing more from this band as I am a fan of reggae after seeing Bob Marley in the early 80’s.  This album is available for purchase on the band’s website and on Bandcamp and I will update when I know more outlets.


GOT SOUL! 2 by Various Artists

GOT SOUL! 2 is the second edition of the popular Got Soul! Series of ’20 Hot New Soul Hits’ coming out twice a year. Their tagline is ‘It’s TIME for more REAL Singers, REAL Players & REAL Songs!’    This twenty track compilation features such great songs as I Love It by A HayganStay by OG Black 9, Breath I Breathe by Xavier Keyz, I’ve Got You by Shawn Atkins, How Can You by Nelson Curry, 20/20 Hindsight by Ron Parks and so much more. I enjoyed this great compilation from start to finish and was impressed with how well this album was written, performed, recorded and produced.  I highly recommend this album to your R&B/Soul library and looking forward to hearing more from this more from this series. This great compilation will be available from Amazon, Itunes,, and other outlets when CD’s & downloads are sold.


Reimagination by Lamont Dozier

Reimagination showcases legendary Motown songwriter and one third of Holland/Dozier/Holland, Lamont Dozier in which he reclaims his most iconic hits with a host of all-star guests such as Grammy-award winning singer Gregory Porter, rock icon Todd Rundgren, CSN’s Graham Nash, British pop idol Sir Cliff Richard, Jo Harman, Marc Cohn, Le Ann Womack and more with such great tracks as Supremes Medley: Where Did Our Love Go / Stop In The Name Of Love / Come See About Me / Baby Love with Graham Nash of CSN, Baby I Need Your Loving with Lee Ann Womack, In My Lonely Room with Todd Rundgren, You Keep Me Hanging On with Rumer and so much more.  Listening to this album brings me back to wonderful memories as a teenager listening to these classic hits by the artist who made them famous.  I was impressed by how well this album was written, arranged, performed, recorded and produced.  This compilation is released Goldenlane Records and distributed by Cleopatra records and is available for purchase on May 25, 2018, from Amazon, Itunes, Target, and all outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


LOVE MY COUNTRY! 2 by Various Artists

For my 794th review, I am proud to present LOVE MY COUNTRY! 2, the next edition in the growing compilation Love My Country! series featuring 20 Hot New Country Songs & Artists that delivers the 20 New Country breakout songs twice a year for Country music lovers that crave to hear great new music & discover future stars early.  I enjoyed this compilation from start to finish with such great tracks as Long Way Home by Daniel Maze, Rock & Roll Cowgirl by Supernaw, Forever Friend by Cory Cardinal, Bad Road Blues by Harold Davis, Cowgirl Bling by Soles Of Passion,  Warm In My Sunshine by Karen Waldrup,  Down South by Morgan Riley, and so much more.  I was impressed on how well this compilation was performed, recorded and produced & look forward to future volumes in this growing series.  This great album is available from Amazon, iTunes, and elsewhere that CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


Cincinnati Radio by The Foxholes

For my 793rd review, I am proud to announce the third review by Barcelona based rock band The Foxholes with an album called Cincinnati Radio which was released on April 5, 2015, on the Autoproducio Records Label.  This album spawned some great tracks as Andromeda I, Tu Tuncion, De Tus Manos, Aswang and much more with great vocals and guitar riffs.  This album was well written, recorded, and performed.  Please take a listen to this album on Spotify and if you like this album you can purchase it from Amazon, Itunes, Bandcamp and other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


Things Are Looking Up by The Walk-A-Bout

Things Are Looking Up is the second album by an Aussie-American Acoustic Driven Quintet from Long Island, New York called The Walk-A-Bout to be released on June 15, 2018.  This great album has the sounds of Rock, Jazz with some great ballad thrown in as seen with such tracks as the title track Things Are Looking Up, That’s The Way It Goes, Consequences, Drifting Tide and more.  I was impressed with the vocals and instrumental back up as well as how it was written, performed and recorded.  This album will be available for purchase on their website,  Amazon, Itunes and will update you when more outlets are found.


The Deconstruction Of Light by Electric Mud

For my 791st review, I decided to do a third review for the German rock band Electric Mud.  The title is The Deconstruction Of Light, a progressive rock album released April 6, 2018, on the Timezone Records label. I enjoyed this album as much as I did the last two I reviewed for them.  Imagine early King Crimson jammed together with Tangerine Dream and Cluster when you listen to this album along with a little Pink Floyd and you get Electric Mud with instrumental tracks as Black Dog, Heads In Beds, Moongarden and much more.  This album was well written, recorded, produced and performed.  If you are into electronica progressive rock, will definitely like this one.  Take a listen to this album on Spotify and you can purchase this album from Amazon, Bandcamp, Itunes and everywhere that CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


Revisited by Children Of Rain

The Children of Rain was a contemporary folk group, originally a trio with Pam Meacham and her brother Denis, along with Alan Ross.  Children of Rain is to assemble a collection from the group’s library of existing work that has survived more than 50 years, including, technologically, the analog-to-digital transition with the nine-song album Revisited The group released the second-ever 45 rpm single of the famed 1960s’ anthem Get Together later a classic by The Youngbloods on Dot in April 1966. The acetate was purchased in March 2017 by British music journalist Robert Cochrane, renowned for unearthing “quality obscura.” The writer/poet was drawn to the record by the group’s poetically melancholic name. Enough so that he shelled out $200 for it which was a great find. This classic folk album also features such tracks as Election Mill Junction Road Blues, Morning Of Rain, I Walked Downtown and so much more.   This lost treasure was well written, performed and recorded.  This treasure is now available worldwide through CD for digital downloading and streaming on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and other outlets.



Silence In The Snow by Trivium

Silence In The Snow is the seventh studio album by American heavy metal band Trivium. It was released on October 2, 2015, on the Roadrunner Records label.  It is the first and only album to feature the third drummer Mat Madiro, who joined the band in May 2014 and before he had departed from the band in December 2015 to join From Ashes To New.  This great album spawned four singles, the title track Silence In The Snow, Blind Leading The Blind, Until The World Goes Cold, and Dead And Gone.  We had the opportunity of seeing this great band at Carolina Rebellion last month and will be seeing them in concert again in July. Lead vocalist Matt Heafy features a clean singing style, making Silence in the Snow the first Trivium album not to feature any kind of unclean vocals at all and features the return of 7-string guitars, which have been previously used in The Crusade and Shogun.  I was impressed with how well this album was recorded, written, produced and performed.  I recommend this album for your metal record library.  This album is available in digital download, CD and Vinyl formats from Amazon and everywhere that music is sold.