My name is Bob Levoy and I was a night club, radio, and private engagement Disc Jockey for about 25 years.  I started in 1975 when I was stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  At that time I was working local clubs and doing private engagements as well as a weekly show on the Armed Forces Radio Network.  I also performed in numerous clubs in Okinawa, Japan, Texas, and Louisiana. I had also opened as a DJ for such acts as The Grassroots, Rose Royce, Dottie West, Delbert McClinton, Edgar Winter, and so many others.  After I left the Navy, I moved to Port Arthur, Texas and I continued to do the same in clubs in Port Arthur, Orange, and Beaumont, Texas, and Vinton, Louisiana then all over West Virginia as well as reviewing new releases for several record labels.  I had the knack of being able to tell those labels of what songs I predict will be number one and those that would hit the Top 40.  My only song that did not make number one was the song Promises by Randy Travis.  The promo copy Warner Brothers sent me was different than the version that released on the album. I reviewed many records from major and independent labels for many years.  I was fair and honest.  If I thought a recording was great I would let them know, if it was not great I would let them know and the reason why. I retired as a Disc Jockey in 2000 in my final performance in Logan, West Virginia.  I did over 2000 music reviews during the ’80s and ’90s before I was forced to take a long break due to medical problems.  Three years ago after a long hiatus, I started writing reviews again and have published over 1850 reviews so far.  I am now 67 and a Disabled Navy Veteran and living in Bartow, Florida.  My love of music and reviewing new releases makes my day go brighter.   I am looking forward to hearing from record labels, recording artists and bands that wish to have their music reviewed.  I am not at a new phase in my life where before it was just doing music reviews of those that have sent material for me to listen to and review, now I am reviewing concerts and festivals and soon I will be doing interviews of bands for record labels.  I have never done this for money, only for the love of music and my support of indie and major label recording artists.  My only pay is sometimes receiving a signed vinyl, CD or an X-Large t-shirt plus being able to go to a concert or a festival for my wife and me for free.