As He Now Appears by Elliot

As He Now Appears is the instrumental debut album by Elliot Nelson, a British born instrumental solo artist, composer, and producer from the north of England released on August 7, 2020.  Elliot is the son of Be-box Deluxe frontman Bill Nelson and on this album, he brings to this album a mixture of various music genres from electronic, jazz, ambient classical, and experimental rock.  This eleven-song album features such great tracks as the title track As He Now Appears, The Ethereal Balloon, God’s Pythons, From The Blonde To The Beast and so much more.  I was impressed with the performance on this album as well as the brilliant songwriting talent and a superb recording.  This is an artist I am looking forward to hearing more from in the future.  This amazing release is available on digital download from Bandcamp and other music outlets.



Dull Uncomplicated Man by Struck With Green

Dull Uncomplicated Man is the 2016 Electro/ Industrial album by Orlando, Florida based band Stuck with Green featuring Ron Potter on electronic beats and synths, drum machine, vocals, and guitars and Evan Zappa and the Necessity on synths.  Listening to this album I found out that this kind of music is not my cup of tea on this twenty track album which features such tracks Never Too Late, Isolation Fornication, D.U.M., Cemetery’s Promises, Plantings and much more.  This album was well written and recorded, but the performance is not to my liking, I guess it is because I am not into this kind of music, even though there are a large number of people that would enjoy this kind of sound.  This album is available on Spotify and other music outlets.  To find out more about this band, go to



Abraxas Shrine by The Conduit

Abraxas Shrine is the December 20, 2019 album by the Los Angeles heavy metal project called The Conduit on the Akashic Records label.  This amazing band consists of Jeffrey Bobbin on vocals, Christopher Beattie and Ben Zeiger on guitars, Luca Canali on drums, and Tony Stanton on bass.  Before I started listening to this eleven-track album, I saw this is a heavy metal band.  As I started to listen to the first track on this album which is the title track Abraxas Shrine, it sounded like progressive/electronic rock and I said to myself, WHERE IS THE METAL!  About a minute or so into this song they kick in with metal and saw how versatile they are.  I continued to enjoy this album with its clean and unclean vocals, heavy guitar riffs and some awesome electronic sound with such tracks as Tactical Empath, Envemonate, Nightshade, Genesis Pattern and so much more.  I was impressed with the songwriting abilities of this band, as well as their performance and how this album was recorded.  This is definitely an album I would recommend you take a listen to.  Currently, this album is available as a digital download from Bandcamp, Amazon and other music outlets.  You can find more about this band by going to their Bandcamp page  In closing, I want to thank this band for contacting me on twitter and sending me a digital download of this album to listen to and to give my opinion on this release.  I am looking forward to hearing their earlier releases and review them.


Tormented by Gary Wilson

Tormented is the latest album by legendary lipstick-smeared, mannequin kissing, rubber gloves wearing, ladies man Gary Wilson who invites you to take a tour of his broken heart on the new studio album released February 14, 2020, on the Cleopatra Records label.  This is my second review for this artist who I  describe his music to be a mixture of jazzy, electro-funk sound being true to his wacky self, pressing the boundaries of indie music and influencing artists in all genres with such tracks as The Sin Eater, The Merry Go Round, Gary Lives In The Twilight Zone, It’s Almost Midnight, Where Is Linda and much more.  This a totally different kind of sound with great songwriting, performance, and recording.  Tormented is available on CD and all digital platforms via Cleopatra Records, Amazon and many other outlets. Also, be sure to catch Gary on tour as direct support for indie rock rising star Part Time


A Journey Beyond Understanding by Cousin Silas and Head Joint

A Journey Beyond Understanding is the January 31, 2015 album on the Petrogly Records label by Cousin Silas, the stage name of English electronic artist David Hughes and Head Joint, an progressive rock band featuring Victor Rivkin from Atlanta, Georgia on vocals, guitar, keyboards, trumpet and bass and Michael Jobborn from Ontario, Canada on keyboards, Hammond organ, guitars, piano, flute, violin, xaphoon, tin whistle, clarinet, pan flute, fife, and harmonica. This nine-track album has a very unique sound which I found very relaxing with such tracks as the title track A Journey Beyond Understanding, An Adventure In An Unknown Star System, No Balance On The Moon Parts One Two and Three, plus much more.  The first two tracks are over twelve minutes long.  I was quite impressed with the work on this album with how it was written, performed and recorded.  I am looking forward to listening to more music from this record label.  You can find this album from Discogs and


For You by DA1

For You is the latest EP by DA1 aka Dai Turner, a producer, DJ, and electronic enthusiast which hails out of Swansea, South Wales.  When he is not performing, he spends this time in the studio creating his own music resulting from this EP.  This five-track EP features the title track For You, House, Twisted Soul, Barrel and White.  I was quite impressed with his songwriting talent and how this EP was recorded and performed.  I am looking forward to hearing more from this artist in the future. This EP will be available as a digital download from Beatport, Traxsource, Itunes and all other online music stores.

DA1 For You

Ebondàzzar by Peak

Ebondàzzar is a rare album from Australian duo Peak, a progressive electronic rock band from Adelaide South Australia, featuring Paul Fisher on electric, acoustic & synth guitars, synths, electronic effects, grunting, and Robert Reekes-Parsons on synthesizers, vocoder, strings, electric piano, tubular bells, fragmented guitar, vocal effects. Other featured artists on this album are John Haffert on drums,  Kym Martin on the military snare and Lindon Lisk on bass.  This album has been issued twice on vinyl. The original Australian release was in 1980 on Cement Records, followed by a re-issue in 1983 by Innovative Communications from Germany.  This nine-track vinyl release is a purely instrumental album with vocals limited to vocoder output with such tracks as, Encounter, Ocean Of Dreams, Along For The Ride (the longest track on this album running at about nine minutes) and much more.  I was quite impressed with the performance in this album and how good it sounds with this album being almost forty years old.  The recording and songwriting on this album is excellent.  After hearing this amazing album, I know I want to add it to my record library, in fact, you can still find this album on eBay and Discogs.  I want to thank Sym Fisher for the opportunity to listen to this album.


Slizdexics Untie by Peak

Slizdexics Untie is the mostly instrumental 2019 offering by Australia’s electronic rock band Peak, 38 years after their first and only album. Features original Peak members Paul Fisher on guitars, keyboards, and electronics, Robert Reekes-Parsons on keyboards and Colin Forster on bass plus several guests on other instruments.  This was an awesome album to listen to with a lot of great guitar work and sound effects and some tracks reminded me a lot of early Pink Floyd.  Now they need a great light show lol.  This album features such great tracks as Last Of The Seatbelts, Gorilla Gas, Trains and several more.  This six-track album was well written, recorded and performed.  They are definitely a band you would want to see live and you can find this album on CD and digital download from their website where you can learn more about this band


Voyager At The Heliopause by Dr. Chrispy

Today I would like to present the latest single by the award-winning aeronautical engineer, music producer and songwriter Dr. Chrispy (AKA Dr. Chris Boshulzen).  His new single “VOYAGER AT THE HELIOPAUSE” will release online everywhere music is streamed and sold on June 14, 2019. The single is a tribute to the NASA Voyager spacecraft that launched in 1977 and returns stunning images from our solar system that inspired Chris to pursue his passion for space.  I found this song to be very relaxing with piano, electronic sound, and great background.  I was well performed, written and recorded.  Looking forward to hearing rest of the album when released.


The Gray by Modern Mimes

The Gray is the October 10, 2018 sophomore album by Modern Mimes, an American music artist duo from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  This duo consists of Adi Elcida Hernandez on guitar and vocal and Ernesto Paez on double-neck guitar bass.  Their music is considered by them as Future Goth with a bit of progressive metal  with a fusion of alternative heavy guitar riffs, powerfully haunting vocals, and electronic drums which I have heard in this album on such tracks as Stunt Double, the title track The Gray, Stare, Mind Lies, Crosses and much more.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish and was impressed with songwriting as well as the performance and recording of this release.  Please take a listen to this amazing album on Spotify and I feel you will want to own your own copy from Amazon, CD Baby, Itunes and many other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold. You can also learn more about this great duo by going to their website