Ordinary Man by Ozzy Osbourne

Yesterday my wife surprised me with this album and a signed poster from one of my favorite rock artists.  Ordinary Man (stylized as ØRD†NARY MAN) is the twelfth studio album by English heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne. It was released on 21 February 2020 through the Epic Records label is Osbourne’s first studio album as a solo artist in ten years following Scream back in 2010. He is joined by a large number of guest musicians on this album such as Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan and guitarist SlashRed Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, his daughter Kelly Osbourne on backing vocals and many others.  This ten-track vinyl album spawned the singles Under The Graveyard, Straight To Hell, the title track Ordinary Man (Featuring Elton John) and It’s A Raid (Featuring rapper Post Malone).  The CD and digital download version added a bonus track Take What You Want (Post Malone featuring Ozzy Osbourne and rapper Travis Scott) from Malone’s third studio album Hollywood’s Bleeding, which went on to become Osbourne’s first Billboard Hot 100 top 10 in over 30 years, thus making it the longest gap between top 10 appearances in the chart’s history.  This album features an amazing performance with great co-writing on all tracks by Ozzy and a superb recording.  If you are a fan of Ozzy like I am you will definitely want to add this release to your music library which is available on Silver Smoke Vinyl, Picture Disc Vinyl, CD and digital download from Amazon and all other music outlets.  Ozzy Osbourne is on his final world tour called No More Tours II but there is presently on a delay due to health problems.  I hope I can get the chance to see him perform before he retires.

Tales From Under by Ron Kadish

For my 1617th review, I am proud to present Tales From Under, the June 9, 2017 album by Bloomington Indiana jazz bassist Ron Kadish.  He is joined by Dan Deckard on drums, Joe Donnelly on saxophone, Johnathan Elmer on trombone, Sam Finley on guitar, Joe Galvin on shekere, Pat Harbison on trumpet, Nate Johnson on saxophone and flute, Matt Ramy on piano, Curtis Cantwell Jackson and Janiece Jaffe on vocals, Victor Santoro on xoud and kanoon, and Robert Stright on vibraphone.  This fifteen track album of jazz original compositions are the perfect mix of jazz and r&b with such songs as Tutto Boogaloo, A Rose For Viola, Groovi Sandi, The Fun Never Stops, The Dream Of The Double Bass and much more.  I was quite touched by the performance on this album as well as it’s composition and recording.  This is the perfect album for any jazz fan which is available from CD Baby, Amazon, Bandcamp and all other outlets where CDs and digital downloads are sold.


Oh Darlin by Bradley & Adair

February 21, 2020, marked the release of Dale Ann Bradley and Tina Adair’s anticipated duet album, Oh Darlin’ which as released via Pinecastle Records. This stripped-down collection includes 10 new recordings, which are all centered around both powerhouse singer’s vocals.  I have been fans of Dale Ann Bradley, Tina Adair, and Sister Sadie for some time and had done previously done reviews for these artists.  This release is a great mixture of Bluegrass, Roots, and Americana with such tracks as Mommy Please Stay Home With Me, Wicked Twisted Road, the title track Oh Darlin’, Rockin’ Alone In An Old Rocking Chair, Apartment #9 and so much more.  I was quite moved by the vocals, harmonies, and instrumentation on this album as well as a superb recording.  Anyone that is a big bluegrass fan, should grab a copy of this album which is available on CD and digital download from Apple Music, Amazon, Pinecastle Records and all other outlets where music is sold.  If you ever get a chance to see these artists perform live, please do so, you will enjoy it.

oh darlin


The Pathfinder: Buried Treasures: The Mid 70’s Recordings by Buffy Sainte Marie

The Pathfinder: Buried Treasures: The Mid 70’s Recordings is a two-disc set that captures the period when Indigenous Canadian-American singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte Marie both cemented her reputation as an arresting performer of utterly unique style as well as a protest singer of exceptional power.  This thirty-three track compilation which was released November 8, 2013, on the True North Records label features such great tracks as Generation, Look At The Facts, Sweet Fast Hooker Blues, Starwalker, The Way You Fall In Love, Can’t Believe The Feeling, Nobody Will Ever Know It’s Real But You, I Don’t Need No City Life and so much more.  This compilation showcases Buffy’s talent as a performer and as a songwriter plus the musicianship is top-notch, featuring the best American players of the day (David Briggs, Larry Carlton, Charlie McCoy, etc.).  This album was also well recorded and produced and is an album that one would want to add to their music library with it being available on CD and digital download from Amazon, Discogs and all other music outlets plus on her official website http://buffysainte-marie.com where you can learn more about this artist, her current tour schedule and a lot more.


Music From The Play Love In The Harbour by Danielle Morgan

Based on an original play by Eddie Alford, Love In The Harbour is a moving musical dramatization of the romance between George McElroy, a British RAF Officer and Grace Guinan, a young Irish girl, who fight with the passion to preserve their love at a time of huge change and turmoil.  This five-track EP with a bonus track features beautiful all-original music and lyrics, performed by London-based singer/songwriter Danielle Morgan and orchestra.  Four of the tracks on this album are new compositions by Danielle Morgan and John Merrigan which are Love Me Hold Me (an instrumental), What About Me, Grace I’m In Love With You and Dogfight (another instrumental). Also, there is a bonus track that I had reviewed earlier I’m In Love With You.  I was quite impressed with how this work was done with amazing vocals and instrumental performance as well as great songwriting and recording.  I know the actual play would be something I would love to see.


Effigy by Aittala

Effigy is the June 17, 2014 album and my second review for Raleigh, North Carolina based band Aittala which is a mix of classic heavy metal, progressive metal, thrash and hard rock comprising of Eric Aittala on guitar and lead vocals, Gary ‘Zeus’ Smith on drums and vocals, and Randall Rhodes on bass.  Ed Vereijken did the drum work on the last three tracks on this album.  This ten-song album showcases amazing vocals, heavy guitar riffs and driving drum beats on such tracks as the title track Effigy, Russian Roulette, Sinister As The Serpent, Creators Of The Doom and much more.  I was impressed with this performance as well as the songwriting and recording work. I will be listening and reviewing their other earlier work in the weeks to come.  You can pick up your copy of this great album on CD and digital download from Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp, and all other music outlets.  To learn more about this amazing band, their other releases and their tour schedule, go to their official website https://www.aittala.com


Judas by Fozzy

Judas is the seventh studio album by the American heavy metal band Fozzy, released on October 13, 2017, through Century Media Records.  This band features Chris Jericho, an American-born Canadian professional wrestler, musician, podcaster, author, actor, and entrepreneur on lead vocals, Rich Ward on lead guitar, keyboards and backing vocals, Frank “Bud” Fontsere on drums and backing vocals and Randy Drake on bass and backing vocals.  This eleven-track album spawned the singles Drinkin’ With Jesus, the title track Judas, Painless (my favorite track) and Burn Me Out.  Other notable tracks on this album are Three Days In Jail, Running With The Bulls and much more.  I was impressed with this album with a mixture of clean and unclean vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and driving drum beats as well as a great performance and songwriting work.  I first saw them perform at Rockfest in Charleston, South Carolina but was unable to get my album signed so I plan to see them in April at Capone’s in Johnson City, Tennessee and hope this time I will be successful getting this album singed finally.  To find out more about this band, their tour schedule and more go to their official website https://www.fozzyrock.com


Stage by Great White

Stage is a live album released by the American hard rock band, Great White, in 1995 on the Zoo Entertainment Records label and it is rereleased February 21, 2020, on the Deadline Records label and distributed by Cleopatra Records.  The first six tracks of the CD come from a 1994 House of Blues benefit concert (Stage One) and the other songs from a 1993 Anaheim show (Stage Two), several tracks of which were previously featured as a bonus on the studio album Sail Away. The lineup on this live album is Jack Russell on lead and backing vocals, Mark Kendall on guitar and backing vocals, Michael Lardie on guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals, Teddy Cook on bass and backing vocals and Audie Desbrow on drums.  This fourteen track album features such live recordings as House Of Broken Love, Afterglow, Babe (I’m Gonna Leave You), Rock Me, Once Bitten Twice Shy and much more.  I was moved by the performance on this album as well as it’s recording and songwriting.  You can grab your copy of this album on CD and Vinyl formats from Cleopatra Record, Amazon, and many other outlets plus you can learn more about the band’s current tour schedule and more from their website http://www.officialgreatwhite.com


Here To This by DownRiver Dan

Here To This is the November 15, 2019 album by Detroit’s premier name in the Blues/Rock genre DownRiver Dan on the DKali Records label.  This amazing band features Dan Kalicki on guitar and vocals, Billy Reyna on drums and harmony vocals, Bill Salisbury on bass, Evan Mercer on organ and Josh Ford playing guitar outro on the opening track For A Fool.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish with such great tracks as Get Me Gone, Dreamer, Misery & Me and so much more.  I was impressed with the performance on this album as well as Dan’s great songwriting talent and the recording of this album.  I highly recommend this album to your blues library buy getting your own copy from CD Baby and many other outlets as well as from their website where you can learn more about this great band, their music and where they will be playing so you can see them live.  I hope to hear a lot more from this band.


Bob’s Garage Live by The Randy Bachman Band

Bob’s Garage Live is the 1993 EP by The Randy Bachman Band on the Ranbach Music Records label.  This five-song EP features the hits of The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive that were written or co-written by Randy Bachman.  This band features Randy Bachman on guitar and vocals, Colin Weibe on piano and vocals, Richard Cochrane on bass and vocals and Billy Rea Chapman on drums and vocals.  This band performs the tracks No Time, You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet, No Sugar Tonight, Takin’ Care Of Business and American Woman.  If you are used to hearing the original recordings of these songs, you will notice that the sound on the rereleases is totally different.  Myself, I prefer the original recordings of these songs. Still, I am impressed with the writing, performance, and recording of this EP which is available on CD and digital download from Amazon, Itunes, Discogs, and all other music outlets.