Guitar Masters Collection by Various Artists

Guitar Masters Collection is a CD collection from Grammy award-winning producer Brian Tarquin featuring the cream of the crop guitarists such as Allan Holdsworth, Larry Coryell, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Stanley Clarke, Zakk Wylde and much more.  This album which mixes Rock with Jazz and Funk was released on March 23, 2018, on the Cleopatra Records label.  Among the great tracks on this ten track album are Tocar Modera featuring Larry Coryell & Brian Tarquin, Funk Me Tender featuring Steve Vai & Randy Coven, an awesome remake of the Stevie Wonder classic I Wish featuring Zakk Wylde & Randy Coven, Hair featuring Joe Satriani and Stanley Clarke, Mother Load featuring Leslie West from Mountain & Randy Coven plus so much more.  This great compilation was well written, performed, recorded and produced.  If you are a big fan of great guitar works, you will want to own this album which can be purchased from Amazon, Itunes, Cleopatra Records and everywhere CD’s and digital downloads are sold.



Continuance by Shawn Phillips

Shawn Phillips, one of music’s most daring, influential and enigmatic figures has released his 26th solo album Continuance released January 31, 2018, through Tunecore Distribution sees Shawn as the genre-bending singer-songwriter and virtuoso guitarist and his commitment to making ambitious, introspective yet socially conscious music. Just as he did on the psychedelic staple “Season of the Witch,” which he co-authored with Donovan in 1966.  This album is a mixture of hard rock, blues, jazz, funk and new age as seen in such great tracks as Life, Man With A Gun, Furious Desperation, Bach To The Fusion, In Grace We Intend and so much more.  I was very impressed with how well this album was written, performed, recorded and produced.  Please take a listen to this impressive album on Spotify and then purchase it from Itunes and his official website.

contuinuation CD cover

Only The Beginning: The Very Best Of by Chicago

The Very Best of Chicago: Only the Beginning is a double greatest hits album by the American band Chicago, their twenty-seventh album overall at the time released on July 2, 2002, on the Rhino Records label. This collection marked the beginning of a long-term partnership with Rhino Entertainment which, between 2002 and 2005, would remaster and re-release Chicago’s 1969–1980 Columbia Records catalog.  This compilation has all my favorite hits such as Beginnings, Make Me Smile, 25 to 6 to 4, Saturday In The Park, Colour My World, Stay The Night and so much more.  The only song that I feel that was missing out of this amazing compilation was the song Street Player from Chicago 13.   This compilation was well performed, recorded and produced.  If you wanted to add one album by this group, then this would be the one you will want to buy.


Jazzin’ On The Blues by Kim Simmonds

Jazzin’ On The Blues is guitarist Kim Simmonds fifth solo album released August 4, 2017, on the Panache Records label. Known as the founder and continuing leader of the legendary blues/ rock band Savoy Brown and with a star on the Rock Walk of Fame, Kim Simmonds is recognized globally as one of the world’s finest guitar players.  This twelve track album has such great songs as the title track Jazzin’ On The Blues, Dancing On A Memory, Rollin’ The Blues, Nightliner and so much more.  I was impressed by how well this album was written, performed, recorded and produced.  I highly recommend this album to anyone’s jazz library.  You can purchase this album from Amazon, Itunes, Bandcamp and everywhere else where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.



Rough Diamond by Jeannie Taylore

In 1987, Jeannie Taylore, an actress and singer went into a studio in London for the all-day recording session that became Rough Diamond. This album features her great voice and her jazzy style with such classics as What A Difference A Day Makes, By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Dreams (one of my favorites originally done by the Pied Pipers), You Will Never Walk Alone and so much more.  This album that was released on January 12, 2018, on the Dietetic Music Records label was well performed and recorded. You can purchase this album from Itunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and other places where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


The Ed Palermo Big Band Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa

Plays The Music of Frank Zappa is the September 16, 1997 album by The Ed Palermo Big Band, a big band that has been active for over thirty years, playing the compositions and arrangements of their leader, saxophonist Ed Palermo. The band is known for Palermo’s arrangements of the music of Frank Zappa, released on the Astor Place Records label.  This is the sixth review I have done for this great artist.  This thirteen track album features such great songs as Peaches In Regalia, Twenty Small Cigars, King Kong, Waka/Jawaka, Heavy Duty Judy/Grand Wazoo and much more.  I am impressed with how well this release was performed, recorded and produced.


Karma Obsur by Shob

For my 676th review, I am proud to present Karma Obscur, the sophomore album by French bassist Shob to be released May 14, 2017, on the iM Shob Records label and will be released in Europe in April 2018.  This thirteen track album is a progressive Rock/Funk/Jazz album with heavy bass riffs as seen on such songs as Hors d’oeuvre, Straight Ahead, Enclosures, Divergence, Dissection and much more.  I was impressed by how well this album was written, performed, recorded and produced.  This album will be available for purchase from Amazon, Itunes, Bandcamp and other places where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


Decadence by Gong Expresso

Gong Expresso featuring Gong alumni Francois Causse, Benoit Moerlen and Hansford Rowe with guitarist Julien Sandiford’s unveil their new album, Decadence, on 20 February 2018 on the Gong Express Records label.  This mixture of rock with a little bit of jazz impressed me with it’s relaxing sound with such tracks as title song Decadence, Talisman, Eastern Platinum,  Frevo and much more.  This album was well written, performed, recorded and produced.  This is a great album to listen to chill at the end of a busy day.  You can purchase this album from, Amazon, and everywhere else that CD’s Vinyl and digital dowloads are sold.


Chicago Transit Authority by Chicago

For my 669th review, I want to review an album from of my favorite bands of all time.  Chicago Transit Authority is the self-titled debut album by the Chicago-based rock band Chicago Transit Authority, later known as Chicago.  This great debut album was released April 28, 1969, on the Columbia Records label.  At this time it was unusual for a band to release a double album for their debut release, but Chicago Transit Authority was an exception to the rule.  This album spawned three great singles Questions 67 and 68, Beginnings, and Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is.  In addition these singles, I loved the tracks Listen and I’m A Man.  I was so impressed with how well this album was written, performed, recorded and produced.  From there I started to collect every Chicago vinyl album I could get my hands on.  I highly recommend this album to anyone’s record collection.


Toto IV by Toto

Toto IV is the fourth studio album by American rock band Toto released April 8, 1982, by Columbia Records. Toto IV received six Grammy Awards in 1983 including Album of the Year, Producer of the Year for the band, and Record of the Year for the song Rosanna.  In addition to Rosanna, this album spawned such singles as Make Believe, Africa, I Won’t Hold You Back, and Waiting For Your Love.  After the success of their self-titled debut, Toto struggled to sustain success on their next two albums, Hydra and Turn Back. The band was under heavy pressure from Columbia Records to deliver a hit album with their next release or be at risk of being dropped from the label.  This also the final album with the original line up.  I felt after this album, the band was not the same.  I was impressed by how well this album was written, recorded, performed and produced.  I highly recommend this album to your record library.