The Radio Tracks by Rob Petitti

The Radio Tracks is a collection of songs from previous albums recorded by Rob Petitti, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania independent songwriter.  Joining Rob Petitti on guitar, vocals, and mandolin are Bobby Corea on drums, Steve K on bass, Joe Paglia on keyboards, Michael Rubino on Pedal Steel, Alice Marie on violins, Paul Adler and Mark Lauer on guitars, and Audra McLaughlin and Giana Lynn on vocals.  This eight-song album features such tracks as It’s Only Me, Can’t Stop The Rain, In Too Deep, Words Of Love and much more.  This album is well written, recorded and performed and I enjoyed this album from start to finish.  This compilation will be available from CD Baby in the near future.


Sunlight Of The Spirit by Images Of Eden

Sunlight Of The Spirit is the November 1, 2006 album by Images Of Eden, a passion-based, melodic metal band originating from the Baltimore, MD/York, PA region.  This is my third review of this band comprising of Gordon Tittsworth on lead vocals bass and keyboards, Dennis Mullin on lead guitar and keyboards and Matt Kaiser on drums.  This album features such great tracks as Kaleidoscope, To Live Another Day, Dream Catcher and much more.  Also was the three-part title song Sunlight Of The Spirit.  I was quite impressed with the heavy guitar riffs, driving drum beats and Gordon’s wailing vocals as well as how it was written, recorded and performed.  I am glad I got to listen to this earlier release and it wanted me to go and pull out my vinyl of Soulrise and listen to that again as well.  I highly recommend this album for your rock library and you can pick up your own copy from Amazon and other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.  You can learn more about this great band and their tour schedule by going to their website

sunlight of the spirit images of eden

Stratus Luna by Stratus Luna

Stratus Luna is the March 7, 2019 self titled debut album on Music Magick Records and distributed with Moonjune Music by Stratus Luna, a progressive jazz-rock group from São Paulo, Brazil consisting of Ricardo Santhiago on  guitars and lap steel, Gustavo Santhiago on keys and flute, Gabriel Golfetti on bass and Giovanni Lenti on drums.  This album features modern compositions on instrumental progressive, psychedelic rock, and jazz, brilliantly performed by a new generation of young musicians with such tracks as Nimue, Zarabantana, N.R.E.M -1, Pandas Voadores and much more.  I was impressed with their songwriting style, their performance and how it was recorded.  This album is available from Amazon, Bandcamp and other outlets where CDs and digital downloads are sold.  To learn more about this band, go to their website


Songs Of Love And The Ocean by Dani Hoy

Songs of Love and the Ocean is the second full CD by Key West, Florida based artist Dani Hoy released in August 2013.  This album features a versatile mix of songs from funky pop and rock to country and torch songs and even a little island sound such as I Like It Hot, Summer Songs, Better Late Than Never, Gone Native and much more.  This release was well written, recorded and performed and is available on CDs and digital downloads from Amazon, Itunes, and other outlets.  This is my second review for this artist and will be reviewing another CD of hers in the near future.  You can learn more about this artist by going to her website


Book Of Romance And Dust by Exit North

Exit North announces the lush, atmospheric and melancholic debut recording Book of Romance and Dust released October 26, 2018, on the Exit North Records label.  This band consists of Ulf Jansson on Piano and Keyboards, Charles Storm on synthesizers, guitars, bass and vocals, Steve Jansen on Keyboards, Drums, and vocals, and Thomas Feiner on lead vocals, trumpet, piano, guitar, and harmonium.  Also joining them on this project is legendary jazz bassist Lars Danielsson contributes with upright bass and also the album features trumpet, harmonium and a string quintet, all the instruments one associate with the world of rock are involved, but employed within an eclectic mindset.  This nine-song album features such tracks as Bested Bones, Sever Me, Spider, Another Chance and much more.  I found this album very relaxing as well as been well written, performed, recorded and produced.  This album is available in CD and digital format from Amazon and other outlets.  You can learn more about this group at their website


Game Of Faith by Auburn

Game Of Faith is the Summer 2019 album by UK band Auburn who has been captivating audiences around the world with their unique blend of Americana, blues and roots music. This band is fronted by female vocalist Liz Lenten, along with Thomm Jutz on guitars, Mark Fain on bass, Lynn Williams on drums and Britt Savage on harmony vocals.  This fourteen track album features such songs as the title track Game Of Faith, I Don’t’ Love Him, Happy Nowhere, Spoke In The Wheel and much more.  I was impressed with Liz’s vocal style, the harmonies, and great instrumental backup.  This album was well written, recorded, produced and performed.  To learn more about this band, go to their website


Blame It On Rock & Roll by Robin Brock

Blame It On Rock & Roll is the 18 October 1999 release and her debut release by Canadian rock goddess Robin Brock on the A2 Records label.  Joining Robin Brock on vocals is Danny Jacob on guitars, Steve Webster on bass, Jorn Anderson on drums, John Capek on keyboards and Marc LaFrance and David Steele on backing vocals.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish with its great rock guitar riffs and powerful vocals on such tracks as You Lost Your Heart, Rockin’ On The Airwaves, If I Can Forget, Lipstick And Lace, She’s Outta Control and much more.  The sound on this album sounds more like I what would normally hear on  a fourth or fifth album than a debut release because of growth of the sound of this album.  I was impressed with how well this release was written, recorded, performed and produced.  You can add this album to your library by going to Amazon, Itunes and other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.  You can learn more about this amazing artist by going to her website

robin brock 1

Road To Resonance by The Adarna

This morning as I drank my morning cup of coffee, I listened to the album Road To Resonance by the Seattle, Washington based rock band The Adarna released July 10, 2018, on their own record label.  This driving band features William Perry Moore on vocals and rhythm guitar, Andreka Jasek on lead guitar, Oliver Spencer on bass and Murdock on drums.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish with great guitar riffs, powerful vocals, thumping bass lines and driving drum beats on such tracks as Firefight, These Monsters, Drugstore Cowgirl, Hold Me Close To The Edge and much more.  This release was well written, performed, and recorded.  They are presently on tour with Hinder, Saving Abel & American Sin.  I would love to have the honor of meeting this band and reviewing their live performance when they come to Capone’s in Johnson City, Tennessee on June 14th, but being a sold out show, I am not sure if I will get the opportunity unless a miracle happens.  You can get your copy of this album from Amazon, Itunes and other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.  If you want to know more about this great band and where they will be performing near you, go to their website


Little By Little by Wm Alan Ross

With the release of his seventh album, the four-song EP Little By Little singer/songwriter Wm Alan Ross returns to his roots, penning folk/pop-based originals tinged with reflection and celebration and is his first solo album in six years. This EP features the tracks Bobby Hop, Caroline, Mockingbird Sing, and the title track Little By Little.  This is my fourth review for this amazing artist and I am impressed with songwriting and vocal style. This EP was also well recorded and performed.  This album is now available from CD Baby, Amazon, Itunes and other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold. To learn more about this amazing artist and his music, go to


The Debut by Jackie Evancho

The Debut is the eight studio album and April 12, 2019 release by Jackie Evancho, an American classical crossover singer and 2nd place finalist on America’s Got Talent in 2010.  This album focused on songs from 21st century Broadway musicals and musical films featuring exciting selections from breakthrough musicals like Burn from Hamilton and I’m Not That Girl from Wicked to blockbuster films like A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman and Somewhere from West Side Story plus Once Upon A December from Anastasia and much more.  After many years recording on the Portrait Records label, this album is released on her own independent label.  Jackie’s voice is still as strong as ever and performance is still as powerful and this shows her growth as an artist.  This album was well recorded, performed and produced and is available from Amazon, Itunes and many other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.  You can learn more about this amazing artists from here website