Dreamhaven by Misha Seeff

Dreamhaven is the debut album scheduled for release on September 17, 2021 by Misha Seeff, a teenage singer-songwriter who grew up in Canada, the US, and South Africa. His music has a classic acoustic pop sound, and he uses pictographic lyrics to tell stories both fictional and true.  This fifteen track album includes the first songs the teenage singer-songwriter ever wrote, such as Apart, Valentine’s Day, April Haze, Your Eyes, Sun Is Shining and much more.  I was moved by the performance on this album as well creative songwriting as well as great guitar work by Dave Shul, bass by Ben Bernstein, and drums and percussion from Andrew Griffin.  It also showcases a superb job of recording. This is an artist I will be looking to hear more from in the future.  This album will be available on September 17th from Amazon and other music outlets.

Sound Of Music by Zero Times Everything

New music fans worldwide will be excited to hear that Zero Times Everything will be releasing their second album “Sound of Music” on August 28, 2021. The release date of this innovative new double album coincides with a private concert the band is giving in Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. This release splits the two sides into a “Black Hole” and a “White Hole.” The first 10 tracks correspond with the “Black Hole” and the final 6 tracks comprise the “White Hole.” With over two hours of uncompromising eclectic electric music and a host of guest musicians from around the world to help, this double album reaches the apex of music’s goal. This band features Tony Geballe on Electric Guitar, Rhythm Programming, Synths
Pietro Russino on Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Electric Violin, Rhythm Programming and Richard Sylvarnes on Analog & Digital Synths, Kaoss Pads, Vocals, Electric Guitar & Bass, Rhythm Programming.  This sixteen track double CD album features Avant-garde post-industrial pre-cambrian pan-ethnic serial noise proto-punk neocortex music. With such tracks as You Are Here, Ice Report, Milky Black Sun, Third Uncle, Oculus, The Sound and so much more.  I was moved by the performance on this release as well as the musicianship and creative songwriting talent.  I hope I get the opportunity to hear their first album to hear their origins. This release will be available on on digital download and CD from Bandcamp, Apple Music, and many other music retailers.  To learn more about this band, their music, and more by going to their official website https://www.zerotimeseverything.com/

No. 2 by City Weezle

No.2 is City Weezle‘s latest offering after a long Haitus taken due to disbanding in 2010 released November 20, 2020.  City Weezle is a rock fusion band that fuses elements of different styles and influences, but marks its distinctly unique brand of fusion with a punky swing rock, groove backbone at its core with members Simon “The Vocal Viking” Fleury on Guitars, Vocals, Banjo, Arrangements and baby screams, Kengo “The Bass Samuri” Mochizuki on Bass Guitar, Axel “Wunderkind” Steinbiss on Keyboards Pierre Schmidt on guitar, and Ai “The Drum Ninja” Uchida on Drums. This eight track album features such great tracks as Captain Introspective, Maestro Mafioso, She’s A Stomper, Cluedo and much more.  This release showcase an excellent performance as well as great songwriting and a superb recording.  This album is available on CD and on digital download from Amazon, Bandcamp and many other music retailers.

Horizontal Rain by by Bernardo Lanzetti

Conceived and recorded over a few years with outstanding musicians and special guests, Bernardo Lanzettiʼs new work called Horizontal Rain is presented as a collection of musical episodes that sail from Progressive Rock to Vanguard, making port of call at Modern Opera, Art Rock, and Rock & Soul.  David Jackson‘s baritone sax replacing the double bass in Lanzhaiku or Tony Levin‘s unmistakable stick in Heck Jack. The pressing guitars of Marco Colombo in Genial where not even Andalusia is neglected or those of Andrea Cervetto, excitingly painful in the desperate appeal of Walk Away, which finds Tony Franklinʼs precise fretless bass and, in contrast, the hectic synth of Derek Sherinian and the poignant violin of David Cross. Alternating solid and frantic episodes, Jonathan Moverʼs drumming stands out on four strong selected tracks. And don’t forget other great tracks as Time Is King, the title track Horizontal Rain, Different and more. I was quite moved by the performance on this album as well as superb songwriting talent and a brilliant recording. This is an artist I would love to see one day perform live and hear his earlier work.  You can pick up this amazing album on CD and digital download from Amazon, Spotify, Discogs and many other music retailers.  To find out more about this artist, go to his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BernardoLanzetti