More Than You Can Chew by The Horslips

The Iconic Irish band Horslips  have announced a special 50th anniversary box set, More Than You Can ChewThe commemorative release will be available on July 29, 2022.  This set, which contains 35 discs, is full of film, music and words that span their career. In addition to fan favorites, over 252 of the 506 audio tracks are unreleased recordings, offering listeners a never-before-heard peek at the rock legends. It also contains 59 video tracks, two books — On The Record, a newly penned history of the group, and Lyricography — 5 signed, vintage 8×10 photographs, a folder of 70’s fan club facsimiles and a poster. This band features Jim Lockhart on keyboards, pipes, whistles and flute, Eamon Carr on drums, Charles O’Connor on  concertina, mandolin, fiddle and both electric and slide guitar, Barry Devlin on bass, and Johnny Fean on guitar, banjo, mandolin and harmonica. All member shared the vocal tasks on this project.  I am working this review off of the ten track sampler that features such songs as Lonely Hearts, King Of The Fairies, Unapproved Road, The Last Time, Guests Of The Nation and so much more.  This project showcases an amazing performance and musicianship and great song writing talent and a superb recording and compilation of all this work.  You can purchase this amazing collection on July 29th from Amazon, Popmarket, Deepdiscount, Walmart and many other music retailers.

Bitches Blues by Sass Jordan

After achieving much success with her 2020 album Rebel Moon Blues, multi-Platinum-selling and award-winning artist Sass Jordan readies herself to rock the blues once again with the announcement of her new album, Bitches Blues which will be available June 3, 2022 via Stony Plain Records label.  Joining Sass Jordan on vocals, are Chris Caddell and Jimmy Reid on guitars, dobro and backing vocals, Steve Mariner on bass and harmonica, Cassius Pereira on drums and Jesse O’Brien on keyboards with eight new tracks,  including originals Change Is Coming, Still The World Goes Round, Still Alive And Well, Sailin’ Shoes, You Gotta Move and so much more.  I was quite moved by the continuing grow of Sass Jordan as a songwriter and performer as well the superb recording and production on this album which is available for preorder from Stony Plain Records, Discogs, Walmart, Amazon and many other music retailers as well as her official website, where you can find her current tour schedule, info on her previous releases and more.  I know I got to get a copy of this one on vinyl to add with her previous album Rebel Moon Blues

Growing Pains by Courtney Hale –Revia

Southeast Texas born-and-raised singer-songwriter Courtney Hale –Revia (“Re-Vee-A”) announces a June 3, 2022 digital release date for her new CD, Growing Pains, on her own Courtney Hale-Revia Music imprint.  This is her third album of original material showcases a true representation of her growth as a songwriter and woman, containing songs that touch on topics ranging from suicide/grief to rainbows and hope.  This twelve track album features such amazing tracks with a mixture of country and bluegrass as the title track Growing Pains, Lavender Cowgirl, Blood And Water, Coffee Beans (The Logon Café Song), Rainbows At Night and so much more.  This amazing artist provides us with a brilliant performance with an impressive voice and musicianship, great songwriting talent and superb recording.  This is an album that should do well on Country radio.  You can get your copy on June 3rd where CDs and digital downloads are sold.

Myths & Legends of Rick Wakeman by Rick Wakeman

Myths & Legends Of Rick Wakeman is a four CD set is a collection of vintage concert recordings from the wizard of keyboards and prog rock’s knight in analog armor, the gallant former Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman scheduled for release on May 13, 2022 via the Purple Pyramid Records label. The compilation Focuses on the artist’s mid-’70s work, that showcases Rick Wakeman at his most adventurous and mesmerizing performing tracks from the legendary albums The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table, The Six Wives Of Henry VII, Journey To The Centre Of The Earth and others.  This collection is packaged in a superb clamshell box with individual wallets for each show plus a 16-page booklet brimming with liner notes and vintage photos.  I have been a major fan of his work even while he was a member of Yes and his solo work afterward grabbed my attention.  This 27 track compilation features such tracks as The Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Anne Boleyn, Arthur & Guinevere, The Prisioner, Recollection, Catherine Howard and so much more.  I enjoyed this compilation from start to finish with an impressive performance, brilliant musicianship, creative songwriting talent and a superb recording.   I highly recommend this collection to your rock music library which is available from Amazon, Merchbar, Barnes and Noble and many other music retailers.

Monsters From The ID by Ben Craven

Monsters From The ID is the May 5, 2022 album by Australian progressive-rock artist Ben Craven. This CD/DVD collection is actually two main tracks (with several subtracks) Die Before You Wake and Amnis Flows Aeternum.  The first song, Die Before You Wake, (which is nineteen minutes and thirty two seconds long) has all sorts of subheadings (which we all loved way back then!) like Sleeping Spectre,  Ancient Majesty, Die Before You Wake Parts 1 & 2, Warming Glow, Wicked Delights, and Endless Night.  The second side-long tune begins with an acoustic prelude called Amnis Flows Aeternum which clocks in at nineteen minutes and eleven seconds features Guiding Voice Parts 1 & 2, Amnis Flows Aeternum Parts 1&2, Sound And Light, Royal Rewards Parts 1 &2 plus so much more.   Listening to this amazing album, it reminds me of the sound of bands such as Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd and much more.   To round off the tracks on this album is the four bonus tracks.  The CD features a 5.1 mix, while in the DVD, features both stereo and surround-sound versions are available for digital download in 24-bit 96Hz high resolution.   I was quite moved by the performance on this album which I will want to listen to over and over again as well as brilliant composition work and a superb recording.  This is definitely and album that you will want to add to your music library which is available on CD/DVD and digital download from Bandcamp and many other retailers as well as from his official website where you can learn more about this artist and his music.   My next goal is try to get hold of his earlier work to see the growth of him as an artist and composer.

Close To Nearby by Octarine Sky (featuring Simon Phillips)

Today is a new mile mark for me as I am now publishing my 4000th review with this new vinyl album.  This is also my fourth review for a release featuring Dyanne Potter Voegtlin with my first two was for her work with Potter’s Daughter.  Now Jan Christiana and Dyanne Potter Voegtlin of Potter’s Daughter has formed a new band, Octarine Sky, featuring legendary drummer Simon Phillips along with guitar masters Guthrie Govan and Amit Chatterjee  released a brand new album called Close To Nearby scheduled for release on November 5, 2021. This eight song album features such amazing tracks as OneThe MaskMidnightHold and much more which showcases a amazing performance, creative songwriting and musicianship and a superb recording.  If you are fans of Potter’s Daughter, you will definitely love this.  Close To Nearby is also much heavier than anything Potters Daughter has ever done, Potter’s Daughter will still continue to perform. This amazing album is available on digital download, CD, and now on limited-edition vinyl with accompanying art book which I am honored to own a signed copy.  You can get your copy from Bandcamp, Amazon, Discogs, Apple Music and many other music retailers.  To learn more about this band, please go to their official website