Bodega Flowers by Mark Duda

MARK DUDA is a New York City-based artist and storyteller who sings, plays guitar, and writes great rock and roll songs and shines on his debut full-length album Bodega Flowers, set for release July 29, 2022. Bodega Flowers proudly features the legendary rhythm section of Kasim Sulton (bass) and Thommy Price (drums), collaborating here for the first time in 30 years! Jimi K. Bones further energizes the record with his guitar playing and background vocals. Arno Hecht (Dion, Rolling Stones) returns to play saxophone on several songs, and Johnny Pisano (Willie Nile) sings backing vocals throughout the record. Cynthia Longley Richards, who was featured on Month of Sundays, returns to the band to play cello on several songs, and Joan Chew (Lez Zeppelin) contributes keys. This is my fourth review for this artist, the other three was with his band The Handful..  This eleven track album features such great tracks as Ambulance Song, the title track Bodega Flowers, Hush Money, Black Eyed Susan, There Goes The Band and much more.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish with powerful vocals and excellent guitar work in addition to a amazing performance, creative songwriting talent and a superb recording.  This is an album you need to check out which will be available on CD and digital download from many music retailers.  To learn more about this artist and preorder this album go to his official website

In The Fire by Jeff Ray And The Stakes

Today I am proud to present the album In The Fire which is inspired from the front yard house concerts during the pandemic to develop the songs by Jeff Ray And The Stakes which was released on June 9, 2022 via Peace Stream Records.  This album is a mixture of blues and rock, to British folk and Indian Carnatic with a lineup of Resonator slide-guitar songwriting pioneer Jeff Ray, bassist Nick Salisbury (Ryan Bingham, Brian Fallon, Sonny Knight), washboard pioneer Mikkel Beckmen (Charlie Parr, Brass Kings), and blues harp veteran Harold Tremblay (Cool Disposition, Doug Otto).  Listening to this eleven track album reminds me a lot of blues, bluegrass, and Americana with such songs as Wyalusing, Soul, Look At Me, Oak Savannah, I Know You Rider, and so much more.  I am impressed with the performance on this album, as well as the songwriting talent, musicianship and a superb recording.  This album is available through Spotify, Apple Music. Pandora and many other music retailers.

Closing The Golden Gate by RZN8R

RZN8R (pronounced “resonator”) is the moniker of Oakland-raised, Brooklyn-based producer and singer Derek Buckwalter. RZN8R draws from a wide array of influences, fusing his passions for singing, beats, and new thought spirituality to craft lush, deep, and hypnotic grooves. Set to release his debut album Closing The Golden Gate on July 1, 2022, which is a collection of future soul tracks with influences of Motown, boom bap hip hop, dance pop, and jazz.  This seven track album also features Kaeli Earle, Idea Unsound (aka Kris Grant), Dakota and Xander Beltran on such tracks as That’s On You, Aphrodite in Chains, The Window, Thought of It and much more.  This release showcases an amazing performance, brilliant songwriting talent and superb recording.  You will want to get your copy of this album on digital download from Apple Music, Bandcamp and many other music retailers.

Rhapsody & Filigree by Brian Woodbury

Brian Woodbury will be releasing Rhapsody & Filigree, the fourth and Final Volume of the Anthems & Antithets series on July 25th. Brian Woodbury is a songwriter who straddles the avant/pop/theater/comedy divide.  On this album, Brian Woodbury: is featured on  vocals, guitars, bass, piano, keyboards, synths, percussion, autoharp, kalimba, uke, programming, arranging and much more with a large lineup of guest musicians to fill in all the missing gaps.  This eighteen track album features such great work as Theseus Rex, Where It Came From, Dystopian Fantasy, The Honorable Mention, Intelligent Life, Our Cattywampus World and so much more.  I was quite moved with the performance in this release, as well as brilliant composition, arrangement and a superb recording.  If you are a fan of progressive rock, you will want to add this album to your library which will be available on CD and digital download from Bandcamp and other music retailers.   After listening to this album, I definitely want to hear his earlier work to see his growth as a songwriter and performer.  To learn more about this artist, go to his official website

In The USA Live 1972-1973 by Flash

In The USA Live 1972-73 is the restored live recordings from 1970ʼs classic progressive rock group FLASH featuring ex-YES guitarist Peter Banks scheduled for release on September 9, 2022 which is twenty-two tracks from seven shows across 3 discs; a majority of them previously unavailable.  This classic band features guitarist Peter Banks, singer Colin Carter, bassist Ray Bennett and drummer Mike Hough.  This live compilation features such tracks as Black and White, There No More, Children Of The Universe, Small Beginnings, Dead Ahead, The Bishop and so much more.  I was impressed with the live performances on the album, as well as their songwriting talents, excellent musicianship and superb recording.  Usually I am not too much into live albums, but this one is definitely an exception.  This album will be available for purchase on CD and digital download on September 9th everywhere that music is sold.

Eulogies by Wolves At The Gate

Eulogies is the fifth studio album by Wolves At The Gate, an American Christian metal and post-hardcore band from Cedarville, Ohio released on March 11, 2022, via the Solid State Records label.  This amazing band comprises of Steve Cobucci on rhythm guitar and clean vocals, Ben Summers on bass guitar and backing vocals, Nick Detty on unclean vocals and piano, Abishai Collingsworth on drums, Joey Alarcon on lead guitar.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish on this thirteen track album which features the singles Stop The Bleeding, Shadows, Lights & Fire, Peace That Starts the War, and Deadweight.  This album also showcases such amazing tracks as Kiss The Wave, No Tomorrow, White Flag and so much more.   I was quite moved by the performance on this album with powerful vocals, driving musicianship, creative songwriting talent and a superb job of recording and production.   After hearing this album, I know I need to hear their earlier work to see the growth of this band up to know.  I am looking forward to hearing this band and get the chance to meet them when they will be playing in Orlando, Florida on the 31st of July and get this awesome album signed.  If you get a chance to see this band on the Octane tour with From Ashes To New, Memphis May Fire and Rain City Drive, please do so and watch out for my review on their live performance after the show. To keep up with what this band is doing, follow them on their facebook page.