Zeitgeist by Frank Wyatt And Friends

Zeitgeist is the November 1, 2019 album by progressive rock artist Frank Wyatt And Friends.   This band consists of Frank Wyatt on piano and keyboards, Bill Brasso, Ron Riddle, Joe Bergamini, and Chris Mack on drums, Stan Whitaker on guitar and vocals, David Hughes and Rick Kennell on bass, Cliff Fortney on vocals, David Rosenthal and Kit Watkins and Andrew Colver on keyboards, Peter Princiotto on sitar, and Mike Beck on percussion.  This ten-track album with progressive rock and jazz sound features such tracks as the title track Zeitgeist, Leaving, The Approach (which starts with an Indian sitar sound, before going to a rock sound), The Golden Feast and much more.  This album was well written, performed and recorded.  You can find a copy of this album from Amazon and https://frankwyattmusic.com where you find more about this artist and find more of his music.



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