Inward by Ghostly Beard

If you take some progressive rock, add some jazz, some Americana, a bit of blues and a tad of country you get the album Inward by Montreal, Canada-based artist Ghostly Beard A.K.A.  Patrick Talbot a virtuoso singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who recently came out of a 15-year musical retirement.  When listening to his music, one can hear his inspiration from such legendary artists and bands as Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Michael Franks, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Genesis, XTC, and Weather Report.  This May 4, 2018, ten track album which consists of songs written, and all instruments and vocals by Talbot is the third official CD release which defines the Ghostly Beard sound which is a blend of many influences and genres including such tracks as How Does It Feel, Autumn Blues, Let It Rain, Going Away and so much more.  I was impressed with how well this album was written, recorded and performed.  This album is available from Amazon, Bandcamp and other outlets and proceeds from album sales will be given to MusiCounts, a Canadian charity organization that promotes music education through a wide variety of programs, including scholarships and providing musical instruments and equipment to after-school music programs and other community non-profit organizations.



Fullverdig Liv by Kent Wilgraff

Fullverdig Liv is a CD single by Norwegian recording artist Kent Wilgraff.  In English, I was told it means Perfect Life released February 23, 2018.   The song is about his thoughts about living a full life, which really is very individual.  He told me that we all have been awarded a biological clock that ticks and goes and then making the best of the time we have been awarded.  This song was well written, performed and recorded.  Kent has a great voice and should do well with this song.

268x0w (2)

Armor Of God by Chere Pepper

Armor Of God is a feel good, positive CD will encourage and leave you ready to face the world. From Country to Rock album released by Chere Pepper and is the 7th review I have done for this great artist. The opening track Jesus Jesus was up for a Grammy Nomination for Contemporary Song of the Year. Also on this great album are tracks such as Wonders, Stand In Faith, Picture Of Jesus, I’ll See You Again and much more.  This album was well written, performed and recorded  Armor of God was released Jun 30, 2013, on the Cd Baby label and is available for purchase from Amazon, Itunes, CD Baby and through her website.  Also be sure to watch her concerts on Facebook live.


Love My Country by Various Artists

Yesterday I received an interesting compilation of country songs by independent artists called Love My Country.  I enjoyed listening to this compilation from start to finish.  Among my favorite tracks off this album are Tell Me A Secret by Marshall, What About You by Lee Johnson, Feels Alright by Jeff Jacobs Band, Tailspin by Marshall, Can’t Come Back by Ali Rose and so much more.  This compilation was well written, performed, recorded and produced.  This great compilation is available for purchase from, Amazon, Best Buy and other places where CD’s are sold.


Transient by Levi Gangi

Transient is a solo piano release by Levi Gangi which includes nine original and three cover arrangements which are recorded in 2017 at the Red Booth Studios in Rochester, New York and released December 5, 2017.  Levi who also leads an original folk/Americana band named The Lonely Ones shows the great work at the piano as seen in such soothing tracks as Oh! Montana, the title track Transient, The Way Home, Alinda’s Song and so much more.  I am very impressed with how well this album was written, performed, recorded and produced.  I highly recommend this album for your relaxing pleasure.

levi gangi

Nowhere, New Mexico by Zak Sloan

Nowhere, New Mexico is the September 1, 2016, album by Zak Sloan,  a pop artist from Denver, Colorado released on the Sloan Music Records label.  I loved this album from start to finish and even listened to the commentary on tracks eleven through eighteen.  Zak has a great voice and how he makes every song his own on such tracks as Light My Fuse, Trophy Life, Cheshire Smile, Come Get Me Smile and so much more.  This amazing album was well written, performed, recorded and produced.  You will definitely want to add this album to your music library.  You can purchase this album from Amazon, Itunes and everywhere else where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


The Sequel by Mark Stone And The Dirty Country Band

The Sequel is a January 31, 2015, album by Mark Stone And The Dirty Country Band released on the Doiturself Records label.  This is my second review for this band which was recorded in Austin, Texas and features such country/country rock tracks as My Neck Of The Woods, Mudder Trucker, Whiskey Talkin,  She Likes Dixie and much more.  This album was well written, performed and recorded.  This release is available for purchase from Amazon, CD baby and everywhere CD’s and digital downloads are sold.



Love One Another by The Merry Jaynz

For my 673rd review, I am proud to present the album Love One Another, an August 31, 2017, release by The Merry Jaynz, a three-piece underground swamp rock band from Knoxville, Tennessee.  This three piece band has great vocals and guitar riffs as shown in such tracks as Going To The Rally, Sadah Song, Most Of Us Dead, Frozen Lakes, Soulmate and so much more. I was impressed by how well this album was written, recorded and performed and looking forward to hearing more from this band.  You can find this album on Amazon, CD Baby, Itunes, on their website and everywhere else that CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


Love Songs by The Beatles

Love Songs is a compilation album that comprises love songs recorded by The Beatles between 1962 and 1970. It was released by Capitol Records in the United States on 21 October 1977.  This two-LP vinyl release includes an 11 x 11″ booklet, with the songs’ lyrics printed, calligraphy-style, on simulated parchment paper.  This relaxing album contains such great love songs as Yesterday, In My Life, Here There and Everywhere, Something, The Long And Winding Road. Michelle, P.S. I Love YouAnd I Love Her, and so much more.  There is not a single bad song on this compilation.  This great collection was well written, performed, recorded and produced.  If you are a big Beatles fan like I am you will want to add this to your library.



We Do What We Do by Raspin

For My 649th review, I am proud to present We Do What We Do is a quirky, intelligent Adult Contemporary record that touches on folk, blues, gospel and even a sprinkling of pop stylings by Raspin on March 9, 1999, and re-released in 2017 on the Payola Records label.  This album spawned such great tracks such as Rumblin and Tumblin in which he used a raspy Louis Armstrong voice, Dream, Hold On, Smoke The Hookah (which he included some rolling papers) and so much more.  This great album was well written, performed, recorded and produced.  You can find this album from Amazon, CD Baby, Itunes and many other places where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.