Something Unreal: The Best Of by Ex Norwegian

The other day I received the 20 September 2019 signed vinyl album by Ex Norwegian called Something Unreal: The Best Of on the Think Like A Key Records label.  Ex Norwegian consists of Roger Houdaille playing most of the instruments on this album along with my good friend and talented musician Fernando Perdomo doing the drum work and more.  This fifteen track vinyl and 48 track CD contains such great work as the title track Something Unreal, Unstoppable, Feelin’ It, Sudeki Lover, Love Is, I Like The Way, Hold Please, and much more.  The two-CD set also contains a nice selection of live tracks.  I was quite impressed with the performance on this album as well as Roger’s songwriting talent and a superb recording. In the upcoming weeks I will be sharing my review on the other vinyl he sent me called Hue Spotting and a CD called Spotting Hues.  You can pick up your own copy of this vinyl, CD, or digital download from Amazon,, and many other music outlets.  To learn more about this amazing artist and his music, go to his official website where you can get your hands on his other recordings and much more.

Ready To Strike by Rapazzi

This morning’s listen is a sound I have not heard before.  You take some rock and mix it with jazz, Celtic, and some Johnny Cash threw in and you get the 26 April 2016 album Ready to Strike by Brazilian composer/producer, an American lyricist, and seasoned vocalists living in Mexico called Rapazzi.  This seventeen track album features such tracks as Feather In the Wind, For The Child, State Of The Union, When A Giggles Run Too Deep, Snake In The Grass, Gone Missing, and much more.  In addition to an interesting performance, there is an excellent songwriting and superb recording.  With this different mixture, you need to check out this album to see if it is your cup of tea.  This release is available on CD and digital download from Starburst Records, Amazon, Apple Music, and all other music retailers.

papazzi ready to strike

The Leo August Album by Fernando Perdomo

The Leo August Album is the May 19, 2020 concept album by Fernando Perdomo, guitarist, and bassist of the Dave Kerzner Band in which the concept of this amazing release is that Leo August is a singer-songwriter on his death bed at the end of his battle with a deadly disease.   This ten-track album is my twelfth review for this amazing artist and has more reviews on my blog than any other.  I am always looking forward to hearing new material from Fernando and am constantly seeing the growth of this artist as a songwriter and performer.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish with such great tracks as Final Stage, Release, Fade Out, Don’t Forget To Say Goodnight and so much more.  This amazing release features an unforgettable performance as well as brilliant songwriting and superb recording.  I highly recommend you take a listen to this great piece of work which is available today at where you can also find all of his earlier work.  In closing, I want to thank you, Fernando, for giving me the opportunity to listen to this album and also turning me on to other artists that you have worked with.


Dull Uncomplicated Man by Struck With Green

Dull Uncomplicated Man is the 2016 Electro/ Industrial album by Orlando, Florida based band Stuck with Green featuring Ron Potter on electronic beats and synths, drum machine, vocals, and guitars and Evan Zappa and the Necessity on synths.  Listening to this album I found out that this kind of music is not my cup of tea on this twenty track album which features such tracks Never Too Late, Isolation Fornication, D.U.M., Cemetery’s Promises, Plantings and much more.  This album was well written and recorded, but the performance is not to my liking, I guess it is because I am not into this kind of music, even though there are a large number of people that would enjoy this kind of sound.  This album is available on Spotify and other music outlets.  To find out more about this band, go to



A Complicated Man by Peter G. Olach (PGO)

Yesterday I received a nice package Starburst Records a contact I made from with several CDs.  The first offering that was in the stack was an album that was released back on February 1, 2013, by  Peter G. Olach (AKA PGO) called A Complicated Man.  This eleven-track album which blends the very best elements of traditional Folk, Celtic, Country, and Americana forge a whole new genre of quiet elegance of all original songs such as Far From Home, the title track Complicated Man, Let Your Love Grow, Our World, Almost Home and much more.  Listening to his voice and style reminds me so much of one of my favorite artists Cat Stevens.  In addition to a great performance, Peter presents a great songwriting style and a superb recording.  It will be very interesting to hear how his later recordings sound like and see the growth of him as a songwriter and artist.  This album is available on CD and digital download from Amazon, FYE, Starburst Records and many other music outlets.  You can learn more about this artist and his music by going to  If you folks care to venture to his Broadjam page they will discover his entire catalog is currently “FREE DOWNLOAD” with one purpose, to raise money for Western North Carolina, tri-county, frontline healthcare providers using the “TIP JAR”.  His free download project will come to its conclusion July 4th, Independence Day.



Instantine by DVR

Instantine is the May 15, 2020 release by DVR, a studio music project by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Olav Christensen. Originally from Denmark, Christensen is now based in Brooklyn, NY, and writes, records, produces, and masters all his music.  This is my fourth review for this artist, my last one was for the album All Good Things which he sent me as a Vinyl which I still listen to on my turntable.  This eighteen track release which is only available as a digital download in which  I am very impressed with the growth on this album both as a songwriter and an artist with such great tracks as Agonizing Rhythm Of Time, Anytime Now, Golden Hour, When I See, Weather and so much more and can be purchased as of today from his Bandcamp page



Four Track Mind by Alan Davey

Four Track Mind is a four-CD compilation of home studio recordings from the brilliantly creative and exhaustively produced Alan Davey, an English bassist, singer, keyboardist, and songwriter, best known as the former bassist with Hawkwind scheduled for release May 22, 2020, on the Purple Pyramid Records label and distributed by Cleopatra Records.  This is also the fifth review I have done for this amazing artist.  This sixty-seven track compilation features such tracks as R.E.M. Time, Slumber Head, Moody Nation, The Call, Simulator, Lost In The Smoke, Fear At The Night, Bird Nebula, In The Game and so much more.  I was quite moved by the performance of this compilation as well as Alan’s brilliant songwriting talent and a superb recording.  This is definitely a collection you will want to add to your music library which will be available soon from Cleopatra Records, Amazon, Bandcamp, and all music retailers where CDs and digital downloads are sold.


Blues For A King by Shirley King

Now that I got past the 1700 mark on my reviews, let start working on the 1800 mark with the new album by Shirley King, the blues-singing daughter of the legendary blues artist B.B. King and has earned the title “Daughter of the Blues,” but she is an outstanding singer and performer in her own right.  Her newest full-length album, Blues For A King, which crosses musical genres from blues to rock to soul and back again. Even next to such high wattage guests as Joe Louis Walker, Robben Ford, Junior Wells, Pat Travers, and Elvin Bishop, she has brought to the table her own sound and style with her take on such blues classics Gallows Pole and Hoodoo Blues Man as well as the soul hit Johnny Porter (originally by The Temptations) plus two songs by British rock band Traffic, Can’t Find My Way Home and Feelin’ Alright. My favorite track on this release is the powerful version of Etta James’s unforgettable At Last.  I was quite moved with the performance on this album and how well it was recorded and produced.  She would definitely make her father proud with this album.  This amazing piece of art will be available on both CD and vinyl starting June 19, 2020, from Cleopatra Blues, a subsidiary of Cleopatra Records, Inc. and all other music retailers.  This is an album, that I would love to own on vinyl and have her sign it.


The Other Side by Nektar

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was getting close to my 1700th music review and wanted that slot to belong to a vinyl.  A couple weeks ago the band Nektar came to the rescue with their album The Other Side released January 24, 2020, on the Cosmic Cowboy Records label.  This psychedelic progressive rock band Nektar comprises of Randy Dembo on bass, 1 string guitar, bass pedals and vocals, Kendall Scott on keyboards and vocals, Ryche Chlanda on guitar and vocals, Ron Howden on drums, and Derek “Mo” Moore on bass. This double vinyl album on colored vinyl features such great tracks as I’m On Fire, Devil’s Door, the title track The Other Side, The Light Beyond and so much more.  I was quite moved by the performance on this album as well as excellent songwriting talents and a superb recording.  This is definitely an album you will want to add to your music library which is available on Vinyl, CD and digital download from Amazon, Cherry Red Records, Discogs and many other outlets where music is sold as well as the band’s official website where you can also learn about this band, their music, and more.  In closing, I want to give a major thank you to Derek Moore for sending a signed copy of this amazing album.


Truth by Mrs. Fun

Truth is the 2018 release by Mrs. Fun, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin acid jazz/free jazz duo composed of keyboard player Connie Grauer who is also playing bass and vocals, and drummer Kim Zick on the Fun Time Records label.  This thirteen track album features a great jazz sound that has a little funk thrown in on such tracks as Process is the Purpose, Soulful Strut, their take on The Doors classic Light My Fire, Orange Grove, Let Me Live My Lie and so much more.  I was impressed with the performance with all of this music coming out of just two people.  There was also great songwriting and an excellent recording.  After hearing this album, I want to hear their earlier work.  To get your copy of this album, check out their other work and learn more about this band, please go to their official website