Myriad by The Lovetones

Myriad is the February 28, 2020 album through Cleopatra Records by the Sydney, Australia Psychedelic Rock/ Pop band The Lovetones featuring Matthew J. Tow on guitars and vocals, Christopher Cobb on drums, Matthew Sigley on bass and keyboards, Tim Kevin on guitars, keyboards and vocals and Nic Dalton on mandolin.  This album brought back such memories as the sound from the 60s and 70s with amazing vocals and instrumentation on such tracks as About The Girl, The Milkman Of Human Kindness, Rescue, Modern Life Is Killing Me, I’ll Never Be That Guy and much more.   This release features great performances as well as superb songwriting and recording.  I am looking forward to hearing more from this band and I will believe you will too when you hear this album which is available on CD and digital download from Amazon, Apple Music, and many other music outlets.


The Roads We Ride by Wily Bo Walker and E D Brayshaw

The Roads We Ride is an amazing March 15, 2019, double CD album by Wily Bo Walker and E D Brayshaw on the Mescal Canyons Records label.  On this thirteen track album which is a great mixture of classic rock, blues & Americana,  Wily Bo Walker handles the vocals and storytelling and E D Brayshaw wails on the guitars, does the instrumentation and does backing vocals as do a few others here and there on such tracks Storm Warning, Motel Blues, Running Wild, Tennessee Blues, After The Storm and so much more.  I was quite impressed with the performance, songwriting, and recording of this album.  This is an album, I highly recommend you taking a listen to and pick up your own copy on CD and digital download from Amazon, Bandcamp, and many other music retail outlets.  You can also learn more about this artist, the music and much more from the official website


Back Above The Clouds by Warmrain

Back Above The Clouds is the highly anticipated debut double CD album from The UK Progressive Rock band Warmrain released June 21, 2109, on the Rain Recording label.  I was referred to this amazing band by Greg Ross of the band Epic Tantrum.  When this band emailed me asking for a review, I heard their cover of the Eurythmics class Here Comes The Rain Again and then I knew I had to hear more from this amazing band which features Leon J Russell on vocals and acoustic guitars, Simon Bradshaw on bass and keyboards, Steve Beatty on drums and Matt Lerwill on electric guitar, classical guitar, sitar, ukulele, and mandolin.  The other day I received this great CD which is a mixture of progressive, folk and alternative rock and features along with the Eurythmics cover I heard earlier, it showcases great guitar work and vocals on this fifteen track album such as Fading Star, Running Out Of Time, Metamorphosis, A Hundred Miles High, Free Now, Equilibrium and much more.  I was quite moved by the performance on this album as well as the songwriting talent and a superb recording.  I am looking forward to hearing a lot more from this band in the future and I feel this is a band that you will want to take a listen to and add to your music library which is available on CD and digital download format from Amazon, Apple Music, and many other music retail outlets.  To learn more about this band, their music and more, go to their official website


Heroes by Willie Nelson

Heroes is the sixtieth studio album by American country music singer Willie Nelson, released by Legacy Recordings on May 15, 2012.  This great album contains classic country songs, new songs written by Nelson and his son Lukas, and the classic song from Nelson’s repertoire, “A Horse Called Music“. Guest appearances include Lukas NelsonRay PriceMerle HaggardSnoop DoggKris KristoffersonJamey JohnsonBilly Joe Shaver, and Sheryl Crow.  This fourteen track album features such great songs as A Horse Called Music, Roll Me Up, the title track Heroes, Every Time He Drinks He Thinks Of Her and many others including the covers of Just Breathe (made famous by Pearl Jam), The Scientist (made famous by Coldplay) and Tom Waits single Come On Up To The House.  Originally, the album was named after the track Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die but was then changed to Heroes after Nelson and his production team decided that the original name could deter conservative sale outlets.  I was impressed with the songwriting on this album as well as its performance and recording.  This album is still available on CD and digital download from Amazon, Apple Music, and all other music retailers.


Season Of Mist by Eric J. Confer

Season Of Mist is the upcoming album by multi-instrumentalist, primarily guitar, recording artist Eric J. Confer scheduled for release on April 4, 2020.  This is my third review for this amazing artist who I have heard weekly on the WTAU Pea Ridge Nation radio show.  I heard one of the cuts on this show and wanted to hear the rest of this great album.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish with great guitar and keyboard work and driving drum beats on such tracks as Shell Game, Burning Blood, the title track Season Of Mist, Animal Magnetism, In The Face Of Sorrow and much more.  Eric did an amazing job writing and performing this album plus making sure it was well recorded.  Be sure to grab a copy of this amazing album on April 4, 2020, from his website  It is always a pleasure hearing his new releases when they come out.

Seasons Of Mist

Eyes Wide Open by David Sancious

Eyes Wide Open is the tenth album by world-renowned performing and recording artist David Sancious, who was an original keyboardist of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band released March 10, 2020, on the Not By Sight Records Inc. This release features eight energetic compositions feature dynamic performances by legendary names such as premier drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, Living Colour’s Will Calhoun (drums), and Prince alumni Michael Bland (drums).  This album showcases a balanced mix of four vocal and four instrumental compositions such as the title track Eyes Wide Open, In The Middle Of The Night, The Treehouse, War In Heaven and much more.   This eight-track album was well written, as well as performed and recorded and is available from Amazon, Apple Music, and all other music retailers.


Monarch by The Conduit

Monarch is the October 18, 2015 album by The Conduit, a heavy progressive metal project designed for listeners who desire detail, proficiency, and captivation which features Jeffrey Bobbin on vocals, Christopher Beattie and Ben Zeiger on guitars, Luca Canali on drums, and Tony Stanton on bass. This is my second review for this band which doing my first review for them Abraxas Shrine which was their December 20, 2019 album, knew I had to hear their earlier work to see how they grew to their present-day talent.   This nine-track album with clean vocals, heavy guitar riffs and driving drum beats features such tracks as Transmutation, Impendingness, Correspondence, Do Not Go Gently and so much more.  I enjoyed the performance on this album from start to finish with amazing songwriting talents and superb recording and is an album I highly recommend you take a listen to and add to your metal library.  I would love to one day hear this band in person and review their live performance.    Currently, this album is available as a digital download and on CD from Bandcamp, Apple Music, and other music outlets.  You can find more about this band by going to their Bandcamp page  In closing, I want to thank this band for contacting me on twitter and sending me a digital download of this album to listen to and to give my opinion on this release.  I am looking forward to hearing more from this amazing band.


Just Breathe by Willie Nelson featuring Lukas Nelson

It is not very often that I review a single song due to time restraints, but this evening I heard a song that I was so impressed with that I decided to make an exception. Most of the time, the younger generation of artists cover songs of the pioneers, but if it’s the other way around, it’s a different story. The song is Just Breathe, the October 31, 2009 song written by Eddie Vedder and was recorded by Pearl Jam on their ninth album Backspacer.  The version I heard this evening was the cover performed by Willie Nelson and his son Lukas Nelson from the May 15, 2012 album Heroes on the Legacy Records label and later on the October 16, 2015 album The Essential Willie Nelson also on the Legacy Records label.  I was moved by the performance of this song.  Lukas sounds so much like his father it is amazing.  Willie and Lukas gave this great song much justice with great vocals and harmonies.  I have been a fan of Willie Nelson’s music for many years and now I want to hear more of Lukas’s work as a solo artist.  This song is available as a digital download and on the two albums, I mentioned earlier from Amazon and many other music outlets.


Normal Human Feelings by Little Suns

Folk/pop fusion Little Suns are a musical collective that simply can t be placed in any sort of genre; with influences both near and far, it s virtually impossible to compare them to their contemporaries.  I am proud to present their October 8, 2013 album Normal Human Feelings on the True North Records label.  This band features John Aaron Cockburn, Robin Meyer-MacLeod, Daniel Grewal and Liam Smith.  This album of nine pop/folk originals showcases a great performance with such tracks as Sunboat, Black Elephant, Antichrist, Child Of The Night and much more.  I was impressed with the songwriting talent and how it was recorded.  This is an album you will want to check out which is available from Amazon, Discogs and many other music outlets on Vinyl, CD and digital download.   To learn more about this band, their music and their tour schedule go to their official website


Static Psalms by Saint Alvia

Saint Alvia have been nominated for multiple JUNO, MuchMusic Video and CASBY Awards, featured in Alternative Press, had Top 20 songs at Canadian radio, and have been handpicked to tour with such artists as The Gaslight Anthem, Rise Against, Billy Talent, Green Day, Against Me, Arkells and The Bouncing Souls.  The album Static Psalms is their May 21, 2013 album released on the Linus Entertainment Records label.  This band features Greg Taylor on guitars and vocals, Greg Fisher on guitar, Jon Laurin on keyboards, Ben Rispin on vocals, Matt Richmond on drums and Adam Michael on bass.  This thirteen track album that is a mixture of rock, blues, and punk showcases great vocals and instrumentation on such tracks as Whispering To The Dead, Define Me (the intro took me back to Navy boot camp which the cadence, in the beginning, lol) Mother’s Day, The Pressure, The Commute and much more.  This album presents a great performance, amazing songwriting talent, and superb recording.  This album is available in CD and digital download format from Amazon, Apple Music, and other music outlets.  I was just notified that this is available on Vinyl as well.