Bioluminate by Circus Mind

Bioluminate is the fourth album by Circus Mind, a New York-based rock outfit and the brainchild of singer/songwriter and keyboardist Mark Rechler set for release on June 22, 2022 which features  Jaime Scott on guitar, Chris Crosby on bass, drummer Dan Roth, percussionist Steve Finkelstein, and saxophonist Michael Amendola.  This five track album which is my second review for this band showcases the tracks West End Road, Darwin’s Sister, Baby Come Back Down, Miss Fortune and Vampire Blues.  I enjoyed this album to start to finish with amazing musicianship and great mixture of blues, latin and jazz as well as a stellar performance, great songwriting talent and a superb job of recording.  It is great to hear their music again.  This release will be available on digital download and CD from Merchbar, FYE, and many other music retailers.

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