Invisible Men by Anthony Phillips

Invisible Men is an album by Anthony Phillips, a British musician, songwriter, and singer who gained prominence as the founder member and lead guitarist in the English rock band Genesis, which is released originally 24 October 1983 on the Passport and Virgin Record label.  On October 13, 2017, Esoteric Recordings (a Cherry Red Records label) released a 2-disc deluxe edition of the album.   Disc One contains a new remaster of the original stereo mix of the album. Disc Two contains sixteen previously unreleased demos and contemporaneous material. The tracks Exocet and The Women Were Watching illustrate Anthony’s anger over the 1982 Falklands War between Argentina and the United Kingdom and how it affected a friend of his.  Other notable tracks on this collection are I Want Your Heart, My Time Has Come, Trail Of Tears, Gimme Love, Over And Over Again, Alien, Darling and so much more.  This album was well written (all tracks were written or co-written by Anthony Phillips), performed, recorded and produced.  This album is still as good as it was when originally released in 1983.  If you are a Genesis collector, you will want to add this album to your music collection.



Where’s My Rock by Dr. Daddy-O And The Scholars Of Rock

For my 643rd review I am proud to review the album Where’s My Rock by Dr. Daddy-O And The Scholars Of Rock.  This album was sent to me by Mark Crawford Associate Professor Coordinator of Commercial Music. Department of Music, Tennessee State University and is an independent project with various music professionals, students, and teachers.  Listening to this project brings me back to the great music of the 50’s and 60’s and I enjoyed listening to this. Among the great tracks on this album is New Red Suit that has the great Bill Haley sound, My Wish, Everybody But You which featured one of my favorite bands The WannaBeatles, Shy, Bangin’ My Head and so much more. I love how this CD case was created.  When you open up the CD you see a diploma from The School of Hard Knocks. The CD itself looks like a 45 rpm single. I was very impressed with how well this album was written, recorded, and performed. At present time this album is only available if you send an email to Mark at  This album is ten dollars per CD plus three dollars for shipping and handling.  I want to also thank Bryan Cumming of the great band The WannaBeatles for referring me to Mark to review this album.  Bryan also played on several tracks on this album.

Gleb Kolyadin by Gleb Kolyadin

Gleb Kolyadin is the debut album by Russian piano virtuoso Gleb Kolyadin to be released 23 February 2008 on the Kscope Records label.  Gleb was a former member of Iamthemorning, a chamber progressive band originated in Russian city St. Petersburg in 2010. This album features the whos who in the music industry on this album with members of King Crimson, Dream Theatre, Steve Wilson and other bands. This thirteen track album features such great songs as Insight, White Dawn, The Room, Constellation, The Storyteller and much more.  This release was well written, performed, recorded and produced.  This album will be available for purchase from Amazon, Itunes and everywhere else that CD’s and digital downloads are sold.



Isolate and Medicate by Seether

Isolate and Medicate (Stylized as isolate and medicate) is the sixth studio album by South African post-grunge band Seether. It was released on 1 July 2014 by The Bicycle Music Company, in association with Concord Music Group and Spinefarm Records. It is the first Seether album to be released on a vinyl LP and the most powerful record of their career.  This album spawned four singles Words As Weapons, Same Damn Life, Nobody Praying For Me, and Save Today. I was impressed by how well this album was written, performed, recorded and produced by Brendan O’Brien (Springsteen, Pearl Jam).  I highly recommend this album to your record library.


Greatest Hits by Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band

Greatest Hits is a compilation album by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, released October 25, 1994, on Capitol Records and finally released on vinyl on June 2, 2017.  This album covers his hits from 1972 to 1994 with such tracks as Night Moves, Turn The Page, Still The Same, Old Time Rock and Roll, Mainstreet and so much more. It also contains two previously unreleased tracks C’est La Vie and In Your Time.  I was impressed with how well this album was written, recorded, performed, compiled and produced.  If you are to add only one Bob Seger album to your record library, I would recommend this one.


Greatest Hits by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

Greatest Hits is a compilation album finally released on vinyl July 29, 2016, by the late Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers on the Geffen Records label.  This great collection of hits covers all his great tracks such as American Girl, Breakdown, You Got Lucky, Don’t Come Around Here No More, Free Fallin, Mary Jane’s Last Dance and so much more.  This is one of those albums that there are no bad tracks, all good from start to finish. I was impressed by how well this album was written, performed, recorded and produced.  If you were to add one Tom Petty album to your library, I would recommend this one.


The Garden Club by Martin Springett

For my first review of 2018 and my 638th review overall, I proud to present The Garden Club, the debut album by Martin Springett originally released in 1983 and was re-released on November 9, 2017, on the Gonzo Records label.  This progressive rock album has such great tracks as Midnight Road, Three Days At Brighton, After The Glow, When You Live This Way and much more.  I was impressed with the strong vocals and great instrumentation on this album along with how well this album was written, performed, recorded and produced.  I recommend this album to one’s rock library and is available for purchase from Amazon, Itunes, Bandcamp and everywhere else that CD’s, vinyl and digital downloads are sold.


Bay Street by Les Kerr

Bay Street is my second review for Les Kerr, a Gulf Coast native, now an established player in Nashville’s music scene.  I have been a fan of his since listening to his Christmas album recently. I am impressed with his style of music he calls Hillbilly Blues Caribbean Rock and Roll which is heard in such songs as Pool People, Ink By The Barrel, Running Buddies, Magnolia Springs and so much more.   This album features great vocals and instrumentation and was well written and recorded. Please take a listen to this album on Spotify and you can purchase this album from CD Baby, Amazon and everywhere else where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.

les kerr bay street

Johnny Hayes And The Loveseats Self Titled Album

For my 636th review I am proud to present the self titled album Johnny Hayes And The Loveseats.  Johnny was a contestant on season 11 and 12 of The Voice in which he was one of my favorite contestants.  I was impressed on his voice and how he can make a song his own.  On this ten track album I was impressed with such songs as Notch On Your Belt, Without A Woman, Sweet Salvation, You’re Right and so much more.  This great blues album was well written, performed, recorded and produced. I highly recommend you take a listen to this album on Spotify and then purchase this album from Amazon, Itunes and other places where this great CD and digital downloads are sold.

johnny hayes

Generations by Chuck Negron

Generations is a 2017 album by Chuck Negron, formerly of Three Dog Night, has been captivating audiences for over five decades with his iconic vocals.  This album also features his two daughters Charlie and Annabelle.  This ten track album features such great songs as Open My Heart, Be My Baby -Do I Love You, Heal Me, The Letter, Save Our Ship and so much more.  I was very impressed with the vocals and harmonies as well on how well this album was recorded and produced.  Whether if you are a fan of Three Dog Night, Chuck Negron or great vocals, you will definitely want to check out this album. This album is available from Amazon, CD Baby, Itunes and everywhere else where Cd’s and digital downloads are sold.