5 Years Of Modern Funk by Various Artists

5 Years of Modern Funk is a collection of some amazing artists that have performed since the 2014 launch of Austin Boogie Crew Records that is scheduled to be released on March 28, 2020.  This 21 track album is on a CD that looks like a 45 rpm record took me back to the days when I used to DJ in many clubs.  This is a CD that I enjoyed from start to finish with such tracks as Goodies by Diamond Ortiz, Reesis by Solar Shield, Finest Girl (Featuring Sally Green) by Rojai, Love Don’t Pay The Bills (Featuring E. Live) by Trailer Limon, Do It 4U by Starship Connection, Enjoyable Sunburn by XL Middleton, Feel Right 2Nite by Computa Games and a whole lot more.  I was quite moved by the performances on this album, so much I wish I had this one when I was working as a Disc Jockey in many clubs, and I know the audience would get excited with the material on this album. This release was well compiled and recorded.  I highly recommend this album that enjoys the old Disco, Funk, and R&B sound. You can get your copy from Bandcamp and other music outlets.  To find out more about their releases go to their Bandcamp page https://austinboogiecrewrecords.bandcamp.com

five years of modern funk


Tormented by Gary Wilson

Tormented is the latest album by legendary lipstick-smeared, mannequin kissing, rubber gloves wearing, ladies man Gary Wilson who invites you to take a tour of his broken heart on the new studio album released February 14, 2020, on the Cleopatra Records label.  This is my second review for this artist who I  describe his music to be a mixture of jazzy, electro-funk sound being true to his wacky self, pressing the boundaries of indie music and influencing artists in all genres with such tracks as The Sin Eater, The Merry Go Round, Gary Lives In The Twilight Zone, It’s Almost Midnight, Where Is Linda and much more.  This a totally different kind of sound with great songwriting, performance, and recording.  Tormented is available on CD and all digital platforms via Cleopatra Records, Amazon and many other outlets. Also, be sure to catch Gary on tour as direct support for indie rock rising star Part Time


The Return by Deep Energy Orchestra

The Return, the highly anticipated second recording by the eclectic music ensemble, Deep Energy Orchestra will be released on February 21, 2020, on Trey Gunn’s 7D Media record label showcases the compositions of Jason Everett aka Mister E and features the artists Fareed Haque (Billy Cobham, Zawinal Syndicate), V. Selvaganesh (Shakti with John McLaughlin), Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Neyvili Radhakrishna (Jonas Hellborg), Ujwal Nagar (Advaita), Suhail Yusuf Khan, and the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra.  This nine-track album blends sounds and rhythms from Progressive Rock, Classical, funk, Indian, and Flamenco styles on such tracks as Moksha (which is in four parts like a symphony) Grapes For Khan, Mysterious World and much more.  I was quite moved by this performance as well as the songwriting and recording.  This album will be released on February 21st from Amazon, Bandcamp and other outlets on CD and digital download.

deep engergy orchestra

Footprints by Joel Cuzzi

Footprints is the October 7, 2019 album by Joel Cuzzi a Northern California-based musician has gone from punk to folk-style singer-songwriter. Joining Joel Cuzzi who is providing lead and backup vocals as well as guitar, is Ben Bernstein on bass, Mike Stevens on drums, Jared Stinson on lead and backup vocals and Morty Lopez on backup vocals.  I enjoyed this ten-track album from start to finish with amazing vocals and harmonies as well as acoustic guitar work on such songs as Help On The Way, the title track Footprints, The Sunrise, ValentineIn The Arms Of Strangers and so much more.  I was quite impressed with the songwriting style as well as this album’s performance and recording.  I highly recommend this album for your music library.  This album is available digital download from Amazon and his official website https://joelcuzzi.com where you can also get this great album on vinyl.  I am looking forward to hearing more from this amazing artist



Ruffunz Self Titled Album

Ruffunz is the self-titled album released on October 15, 2019, by progressive rock group Ruffunz. Ruffunz is a partnership between Randy Pratt (Cactus/The Lizards), Emmy winning engineer JZ Barrell, and singer Ed Terry and a collection of drum and guitar masters. Guest artists include guitar legend Pat Travers and drummer T.C. Tolliver from The Plasmatics.  The full line up on this band consists of Ed Terry on vocals, Pat Travers and Jesse Berline on guitar,  Randy Pratt on bass and pedals, T.C. Tolliver and Neil Cicione on drums and Jz Barrell and Paul Latimer on extra guitars.  This nine-track album that has a great mixture of rock and funk, with powerful vocals and heavy guitar riffs features such tracks as Tonight, Freedom, Frantic, Funky Heavy & Tight, Demons and much more.  This amazing album was well performed, recorded, produced and written and I highly recommend this album for your rock library.  Ruffunz’s next record is in the works now with an exciting new cast of guest players!


Natural Born Leaders and Demon Waffle at Capone’s in Johnson City, Tennessee

Halloween this year was very enjoyable at Capone’s in Johnson City, Tennessee with performances by Natural Born Leaders and Demon WaffleNatural Born Leaders features Mike Martinez on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, James Eddington on bass and vocals, Ben Survant on saxophone, Kevin Murtha on drums, and Rex Shaffer on lead guitar.  This band from Ashville, North Carolina performed a great mixture of progressive rock, jazz, and funk with a bit a reggae threw in and also performed tracks from their new EP called About Time.  I enjoyed their performance and spending some time talking to them. To finish the night Demon Waffle, a fun, high energy band from Knoxville and Johnson City, Tennessee that blends reggae, rock, punk, soul, and funk took the stage and consists of the lineup of Tyler Parkhill on vocals, Donnie Barnett on guitar, Evan Rice on bass, Andrew Oliver on Sax, Matt Dougherty on drums, Tim Lester on Trombone and Matthew Sykes on trumpet.  They entertained the crowd with tracks from their latest album Drink Your Dinner and many other tunes.  They gave an enjoyable performance which completed the evening.  In closing thank you to the staff of Capone’s for an enjoyable Halloween experience with great food and drink and very friendly staff.

Welcome To The D by Slight Return

Welcome To The D is my second review and March 17, 2015 album by Detroit based band Slight Return featuring Mark Kassa on vocals and guitars and various other musicians backing him up, plus guest musicians George Clinton (P-Funk), Billy Cox (Hendrix), Davey Pattison (Robin Trower), Tony Green (Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre), Dennis Coffey (Funk Brothers), and much more.  This hard-hitting funky rock album reminds me the sounds of Jimi Hendrix with Black Sabbath and other heavy rock bands threw in with such great tracks on this twelve song album as Funky People, Hail The Heroes, Ignorance, Move ‘ Em On Out, Shake Your Detroit Right, the title track Welcome To The D and much more, in fact I enjoyed this album from start to finish.  I was impressed with Mark Kassa’s songwriting talent and his guitar work as well as how this album was performed, recorded and produced.  This is definitely an album I would highly recommend to anyone that enjoys this kind of rock.  This album is available on CD and digital download format from Amazon, Bandcamp, Itunes, and many other music outlets.  To learn more about this album and this exciting band go to their Bandcamp page https://slightreturnusa.bandcamp.com


Rising Sun by Narada Michael Walden

For my 1404th review, I am proud to present the September 24, 2013 EP Rising Sun by Grammy and Emmy winning producer, songwriter and world-class drummer, Narada Michael Walden on his Tarpan Records label as he revisits four of his early fusion hits with his powerful new band made up of some of the Bay Area’s finest musicians  Frank Martin on keyboards Angeline Saris on bass, Matthew Charles Heulitt on guitar, and Nikita Germaine on vocals. This EP which is a mixture of rock, funk, and jazz features the tracks Dance Of Life, Cosmic Strut (which Narada wrote and first recorded with the acclaimed Mahavishnu Orchestra), Sun Is Dancing, and Sofie (which he originally wrote and produced for Jeff Beck’s “Wired” album).  Narada and his band have given us a great performance on this EP as well as this piece of work been very well written, produced and recorded.  I am looking forward to listening to and reviewing his work in the future as well as his work from the past that I don’t have in my library.  This amazing piece of work is available on CD and digital download from Amazon, Discogs, Itunes, and many other music outlets. You can learn more about this amazing artist and his music by going to his official website http://www.naradamichaelwalden.com


Thunder 2013 by Narada Michael Walden

Thunder 2013 is the 15th album and September 17, 2013 release by American singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer Narada Michael Walden on his Tarpan Records label.  This is also my second review for this great artist who I have been a big fan of since the late 1970s.  I enjoyed this fifteen track album from start to finish with its mixture of Rock, Soul, Funk, and Blues with such tracks and Thunder, 40 Days, We Belong Together, Miracle of Fatima, Power and so much more.  Narada and his band have given us a great performance on this album as well as this album being very well written, produced and recorded. The thing I was most impressed with on this album was the variety of genres on this release, giving you something fresh and different to listen to on this album.  Right now I am trying to find a way to get his whole library so I can see the growth of this artist as a songwriter, performer, and producer.  This amazing piece of work is available on CD and digital download from Amazon, Discogs, Itunes, and many other music outlets. You can learn more about this amazing artist and his music by going to his official website http://www.naradamichaelwalden.com.  In closing, I want to thank Narada for sending me this signed CD and giving me the honor of listening and reviewing his music.


In Grace by Linda Marks

In Grace is my second review and upcoming release by jazz and contemporary folk singer/songwriter and arranger Linda Marks.  Accompanying Linda on this album is Jackie Damsky on violin, Valerie Thompson on cello, Woody Carpinella on guitar, Craig Akin on bass, Miki Matsuki on drums, Willie Sordillo on alto saxophone, Doug Hammer on piano and Yani Batteau on banjo.   This twelve track album which features originals and a few covers contains such tracks as  Too Late To Turn Back Now                ( originally recorded by Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose), Keeper Of My Soul, Shallow (from the movie A Star Is Born), Old Friend, Imagine (originally recorded by John Lennon) and much more.  This album was well written, recorded and produced and will be available September 1,  2019, at her website http://www.lindamarksmusic.com, Amazon, CD Baby and other outlets which I will find out later.