Vivaldi’s Four Seasons In Rock by Darryl Way

For the magic number 777 in my music reviews, I am proud to announce the release of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons In Rock by Darryl Way an English rock and classical musician and the co-founder of Curved Air, a trailblazing rock violinist and composer and this is his tenth solo album.  To mark the 50th anniversary of the creation of his classic rock anthem ‘Vivaldi’, Darryl Way has arranged and recorded the whole of Vivaldi’s masterpiece ‘The Four Seasons’ and given it the same ‘rock’ treatment was released May 4, 2018 on the Cherry Red UK Records label in which Darryl added to the mix, rock instrumentation and rhythms, synth textures and in the slow movements, some chill out beats as shown in Concert In E Major Number One Through Four.  There have very few instances in the past I have heard classical pieces done in a rock style and I was impressed on how well this was done and how well this album was recorded, produced and performed.  Please take a listen to this album on Spotify and then you will want to purchase this album from Amazon, Cherry Red Records and everywhere CD’s and digital downloads are sold.



Lead Me Home by Camille Nelson

For my 764th review, I am proud to present the second album Lead Me Home by Camille Nelson a guitarist & violinist specializing in acoustic-driven folk music released August 18, 2017, on the Stone Angel Records label.  This superb album blends elements of folk, classical, bluegrass, and new-age music and features relaxed, intricate acoustic guitar melodies of both traditional and original hymns accompanied by a string ensemble.  This relaxing album features such great tracks as Amazing Grace, Be Thou My Vision (featuring Alex Sharpe), the title track Lead Me Home, Patterns Of Light, Be Still My Soul and so much more. This is a perfect album to listen to when you need to lower stress, pain and more because this is so relaxing.  I was so impressed with how well this album was performed, recorded and produced.  I highly recommend this album to your music library and I am looking forward to hearing more from this amazing artist.  You can purchase this album from Amazon, Itunes, CD Baby, and everywhere that CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


One by Louis Valentine Johnson

For my 705th review overall and my second review for Louis Valentine Johnson, I am proud to present One, an innovative guitar piece that provides the listener with fourteen minutes of meditative tranquility and relaxation and can be heard and viewed with the bonus DVD as part of the album.  Even though there are only three songs named after three countries on this album USA, India, and China, it is very peaceful and relaxing.  On the DVD, there are video films for each of the three songs. It was well performed and written.  I highly recommend this album to anyone looking for a piece to listen to when they need to relax and reduce stress. You can purchase this album from Amazon, CD Baby, Itunes and everywhere else that CDs and digital downloads are sold.


Transient by Levi Gangi

Transient is a solo piano release by Levi Gangi which includes nine original and three cover arrangements which are recorded in 2017 at the Red Booth Studios in Rochester, New York and released December 5, 2017.  Levi who also leads an original folk/Americana band named The Lonely Ones shows the great work at the piano as seen in such soothing tracks as Oh! Montana, the title track Transient, The Way Home, Alinda’s Song and so much more.  I am very impressed with how well this album was written, performed, recorded and produced.  I highly recommend this album for your relaxing pleasure.

levi gangi

Warmer In The Winter by Lindsey Sterling

For my 621st review, I am proud to present Warmer in the Winter is the fourth studio album by violinist and composer Lindsey Stirling, released on October 20, 2017, on the Universal/Concord Records label.  This amazing violinist who came in second on this past season of Dancing With The Stars shows her many talents.  Lindsey gives her takes on such great tracks on this 13 song album as the title track Warmer In The Winter as well as Christmas standards Silent Night, Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy, Carol Of The Bells, Jingle Bell Rock and much more.  I have been a fan of her music for some time.  I also own her album called Shatter Me which I enjoyed very much.  I am impressed by how well this album was performed, recorded and produced.  Take a listen to this album and you will want to add this to your holiday library.


Two Hearts by Jackie Evancho

Two Hearts is a two-disc studio album by Jackie Evancho, and her 6th studio album consisting of a classical crossover disc with 10 tracks and a pop music EP with 5 tracks, including four songs on which Evancho has a songwriting credit. The album was released on March 31, 2017, on Sony Masterworks’ Portrait Records.  On this album are covers of  songs from some great movies such as May It Be (from Lord Of The Rings), The Way We Were (from The Way We Were), The Writing’s On The Wall (from James Bond Spectre), Safe & Sound (from The Hunger Games) and A Thousand Years (from  The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1) as well as four songs that are co-written by Jackie such as Sane, Pedestal, The Haunting and Wonderland.  The rest of this album is great as well.  I was impressed by how well this album was performed, recorded and produced.


Someday At Christmas by Jackie Evancho

Someday at Christmas is American singer Jackie Evancho‘s second full-length Christmas album, and her seventh album overall, released October 28, 2016, on the Portrait Records label.  This release consists of nine previously released tracks and three new tracks, Someday at Christmas and two versions of The Little Drummer Boy, one with Il Volo.  There are great duets on this album also such as two songs sung with operatic tenor Placido Domingo which are Guardian Angels and Pie Jesu and my favorite track on this album Hallelujah featuring Peter Hollens.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish and was impressed on how well this album is performed, recorded and produced.  I highly recommend this album to your Christmas music library.


Emerson Plays Emerson by Keith Emerson

Emerson Plays Emerson is a May 13, 2002, solo album by former Emerson Lake and Palmer and the Nice keyboardist Keith Emerson released on the EMI Imports Records label. This album is a mixture of Solo Piano Collection of Emerson Originals Mixed with a Few Covers.  The versatility on this album is shown by such tracks as The Dreamer, Ballad For The Common Man, Nilu’s Dream, Soulscapes, Honky Tonk Train Blues and much more.  I was impressed on how well this album was written, performed, recorded and produced.  This album shows another side of Keith Emerson, getting away for the organ and synthesizer sounds that he has been known for. I recommend this album for anyone that is a fan of Keith Emerson and all the music that we have grown to love.


Twenty-One Years by Louis Valentine Johnson

Twenty-One Years is the latest album by the innovative acoustic guitarist Louis Valentine Johnson released in 2017.  I found this album totally relaxing and enjoyed this CD from start to finish.  My favorite tracks were Portraits, The Question, and Malaguena California!.  With me living with chronic pain, this is the perfect CD for me because music like this relaxes me and in turn lower my pain level.  If you want a cd to help you relax, whether at home or on the road, you need to check this cd out.  This album was well written, performed, and recorded. You can purchase this CD at CD Baby and other places where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


Oh Holy Night by Jackie Evancho

O Holy Night is the official debut Christmas EP by American child singer Jackie Evancho. The album was released on November 16, 2010, only two months after Evancho rose to prominence as a finalist on the reality TV show America’s Got Talent. Evancho was ten years old when this EP was released. O Holy Night debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 with 239,000 copies sold in its first week and sold 142,000 copies in its second week. Disc one consist of four songs including Silent Night, Oh Holy Night, Pie Jesu, and Panis Angelicus. Disc two is a DVD of a song she recorded on you tube for her audition and four performances on America’s Got Talent such as Time To Say Goodbye, Ave Maria and much more.  This is a great album to add to your Christmas music library.