The Lost Tapes and Channel One Set by Buddy Rich

There is not very often I would review two CD’s in the same review but this is an exception.  Thirty years after his death, jazz drummer Buddy Rich releases two of his albums which were live concerts that was previously only available on video is now available on two CD’s The Lost Tapes and Channel One Set.  Both recorded in 1985 on two nights at the King Street Studios in San Francisco.  The Lost Tapes album has such great tracks as Willow Crest, Cotton Tail, New Blues, West Side Story and much more while Channel One Set has such great tracks as Machine, One O’Clock Jump, Love For Sale, and a great cover of the Beatles classic Norwegian Wood.  Both albums were well performed, recorded and produced.  I recommend these two albums to one’s jazz library.  The two audio albums will be released on September 15, 2017 through Caroline Distribution, the independent distribution arm of Universal Music Group, on the Lightyear/Lobitos Creek label.


Come Out Swinging by Bryan Cumming

I have been a fan of swing music for a long time whether it is Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra, Asleep at the Wheel or my newest swing favorite Bryan Cumming.  The February 2017 album Come Out Swinging caught my attention right away.  This album has a mixture of Big Band Swing and Texas Swing. I was wondering, would this album be considered as Tennessee Swing? There are some standards on this album, such as Straighten Up And Fly Right (made famous by Nat King Cole), Blue Skies (made famous by Willie Nelson) and It Had To Be You (made famous by Paul Whiteman and others). There are also two originals written by Bryan, the title track Come Out Swinging and End Of The Day. Also, he co-wrote the songs Hungry Jack and Why Can’t I Have You. Other notable tracks on the album were Sweet Sue and Just You.  This album is well performed, recorded and produced.  I highly recommend this album to anyone’s swing library.



What If by The Jerry Douglas Band

What If is the debut album by The Jerry Douglas Band, led by 14-time Grammy Award-winning musician Jerry Douglas to be released on August 18, 2017 via the Rounder Records label.  What If merges jazz inclinations with the bluegrass, country, blues, swing, rock, and soul.  This has a sound that I have never heard of before.  My favorite tracks off this eleven track albums are Freemantle, The Last Wild Moor, and Hot Country 84.5.  I was also impressed by Jerry’s version of the Jimi Hendrix classic Hey Joe.  This release was well performed, recorded and produced.  Whether you are a fan of jazz or bluegrass, you will want to add this album to your library.

jerry douglas band what if

Badger & The Belles Self Titled Album

Badger & The Bells is a 2014 self titled album consisting of the Texas Swing greats of Rich O’Brien, Devon Dawson, and Kristyn Harris.  This album brings me back to the days of Asleep At The Wheel and other Texas swing artists.  Among the notable songs on this twelve track album are Maggie, Don’t Forget The Fiddle, Under A Blanket Of Blue, I Didn’t Realize and more.  This album was well performed, recorded and produced.  If you are a Texas swing fan, you will want to add this one to your library.

Rich O_Brien, Devon Dawson & Kristyn Harris - Badger & The Belles

Where The Dickens R U ? by Miss Devon And The Outlaw

Where The Dickens R U ? is the 2013 release by Fort Worth, Texas based duo Miss Devon And The Outlaw.  This duo consists of Devon Dawson and Jessie Robertson.  This album consists of great vocals and harmonies and instrumentation as it is a mix of Country and Big Band Swing. The most notable cuts on this eleven track album are Pistol Packin Mama, Maria Elena, Winds Of The West, I’m A Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas and more.  This album was well recorded, performed and produced.  Check out this album and if you like it you can buy it at Stay tuned as i will be reviewing four of their other albums over the next month.



These Cats Can Swing by Maynard Ferguson & Big Bop Nouveau

These Cats Can Swing is a Jazz album by trumpeter Maynard Ferguson & Big Bop Nouveau on September 1995 on Concord Records label. I just love how Maynard hits those very high notes.  Some of my favorite tracks off this seven track album are Sugar, I Don’t Want To Be A Hoochi Coochie Man No Mo’, I’ll Be Around, He Can’t Swing and more. This album was very well written, performed and recorded.  If you are a fan of Jazz or Swing, you will love this album.


The Sound of Christmas by Betsy Walter and Vince Constantino

I normally don’t review individual songs but I am making an exception on this one.  Yes I know it is a month after Christmas, I felt I needed to do this review since I was unable to do it earlier.  The song is The Sound of Christmas by Betsy Walter and Vince Constantino. This song was very well written, performed and recorded.  This song sounds like the style you would have heard during the big band era.  This song has great vocals and great backup band.  I am looking forward to more music by this artist.


Jukebox by Boyz And The Beez

Jukebox is an album by Boyz And The Beez that features the trio of Kelli Lewis, Wendi Kilman and Robin Kelly.  Listening to this album reminds me of the musical swing during the Big Band Era.  Their vocals and harmonies reminds me so much of the Andrew Sisters. This twelve track album has covers of such songs as Ring of Fire, Wake Up Little Susie, and Walking After Midnight as well as such tracks as Rockabilly Swing, Put 2 & 2 Together, Elvis On The Juke box and my favorite track Why Would He Buy The Cow (If He Can Get The Milk For Free).  This album was very well performed but I feel the recording could have done better.  My recommendation is that this album be re-recorded in a better studio.