A Common Wealth by The 10:04s

From time to time I listen to my various friend’s online radio shows and hear a band that grabs my attention.  A perfect example is the alternative rock band The 10:04s from Edinburgh, Scotland.  I contacted this band through Facebook and they sent me their October 4, 2018, digital download album called A Common Wealth.  I was impressed with the sound of this band that features Steven Bolton (vocals, guitars), Danny Scrimshaw (vocals, guitars), Paul Haddow (drums, backing vocals), and Johnny Tracey (bass, backing vocals).  I enjoyed this nine-track album from start to finish with some great songs as Harlequin, Throes, Carbon, Pins, Few In Pursuit and much more.  This album showcases a great performance, excellent songwriting talent, and a superb recording.  This is an album I would highly recommend.  To learn more about this band, go to their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/the1004s/


Back Above The Clouds by Warmrain

Back Above The Clouds is the highly anticipated debut double CD album from The UK Progressive Rock band Warmrain released June 21, 2109, on the Rain Recording label.  I was referred to this amazing band by Greg Ross of the band Epic Tantrum.  When this band emailed me asking for a review, I heard their cover of the Eurythmics class Here Comes The Rain Again and then I knew I had to hear more from this amazing band which features Leon J Russell on vocals and acoustic guitars, Simon Bradshaw on bass and keyboards, Steve Beatty on drums and Matt Lerwill on electric guitar, classical guitar, sitar, ukulele, and mandolin.  The other day I received this great CD which is a mixture of progressive, folk and alternative rock and features along with the Eurythmics cover I heard earlier, it showcases great guitar work and vocals on this fifteen track album such as Fading Star, Running Out Of Time, Metamorphosis, A Hundred Miles High, Free Now, Equilibrium and much more.  I was quite moved by the performance on this album as well as the songwriting talent and a superb recording.  I am looking forward to hearing a lot more from this band in the future and I feel this is a band that you will want to take a listen to and add to your music library which is available on CD and digital download format from Amazon, Apple Music, and many other music retail outlets.  To learn more about this band, their music and more, go to their official website http://www.warmrainband.com


Joy by Gentlemen’s Academy

For my 1569th review, I am honored for the opportunity to review the album Joy by the Brooklyn, New York-based band Gentlemen’s Academy, a November 20, 2019 release.  This eleven-track album features Mike Markowitz on guitar and bass, Randy Pratt on lyrics and vocal melodies, Patrick Klein on guitar and bass, Rich Zukor on percussion and drums, and Scott Treibitz, Mike Dimeo, and Rob Schwimmer on keyboards.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish with such great tracks as Be Brave For Love, The Keepin” Kind, Paradise, When We Were Young, Crush and so much more.  This band showcased an album with great songwriting, performance, and recording.  This superb album can be purchased from CD Baby, Amazon and other music retailers on CD and digital download.


Romanticizer by Ugly Runner

It is not very often that I open a package from one of the major labels and find a great album by a local band.  Romanticizer is the January 2, 2020 debut EP by Asheville, North Carolina rock and roll band Ugly Runner released on the Cleopatra Records label.  This three-piece band consists of Brett J Kent on bass, Stephen Britt on guitar and vocals, and Russell Walker on drums.  This six-track EP contains such tracks as How Lovely You Are, She Was Your Girl, This Time Of Year and much more. Says the band, Romanticizer is an EP we wanted to put out as a rock ‘n’ roll showcase. It’s not a concept album in a lyrical sense, but it is a representation of personal growth, addiction, relationships, and the hope for societal awareness all around us. This EP was well written, performed and recorded.  I hope to eventually hear this band play live in one of our local clubs.  This album is available on CD and digital download from Amazon, Cleopatra Records, and other music outlets as well as on their official website https://uglyrunnermusic.com where you can learn more about their music, their tour schedule and much more.



Paint The Town Red: The Best Of by The Mahones

Paint The Town Red: The Best Of is the November 16, 2010, greatest hit compilation by The Mahones, a Canadian Irish punk band, formed on St. Patrick’s Day in 1990, in Kingston, Ontario Canada.  This band comprises of Finny McConnell on lead vocals, guitars, and mandolin,  Dom “The Bomb” Whelan on drums and backing vocals, Katie “KaBoom” McConnell on accordion and backing vocals, Sean “Riot” Ryan on bass and vocals, and Sean Winter on banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and backing vocals.  This seventeen track album which is my second review for this amazing band contains such tracks as Across The U.S.A., Rise Again, 100 Bucks, When I Comes Around, One Last Shot and much more.  There is an additional twelve track CD called Live At The Horseshoe where they perform many of these tracks live with a different line up which consists of Finny McConnell on lead vocals, guitars, and mandolin, Andrew Brown on accordion and backing vocals, Owen Warniea on acoustic guitar, bass and backing vocals, Dom “The Bomb” Whelan on drums and backing vocals, and Chris Seahill on mandolin. On this album, they play live versions of Paint The Town Red, Rise Again, Shake Hands With the Devil, Is This Bar Open Til’ Tomorrow and much more. This whole compilation was well written, performed and recorded and is available from Amazon, Bandcamp, and other outlets where music is sold.


Idle Revival by The Kindest People

For my 2nd review for the year 2020 and my second review for this amazing band, I am proud to present the December 15, 2017 album Idle Revival from the Indie/Garage/Punk band from Johnson City, Tennessee called The Kindest People featuring Matthew Sykes on guitar, keyboards and vocals, Spencer Otey on guitar and backing vocals, Evan Rice on Bass and backing vocals and Matthew Dougherty on drums.  After I listened and reviewed their latest album Observations From The Alternate, I knew I had to listen to their earlier work to see their growth as songwriters and performers.  This twelve track album also features Ryan Hoelscher and Matthew Kilby on spoken word, Amanda Johnson on flute, Tim Lester on trombone, Andrew Oliver on saxophone and Jeremy West on mellophone.  As I listened to this album, I could hear the Beatles sound on many of the tracks on this album such as Join In, The Kraken, Give No (YAFM), I’m No Enemy, Interlude, Alter Call and much more.  I was quite impressed with the songwriting talents of Matthew Sykes and Spencer Otey as well as how well this album was recorded and performed.  This is an awesome band and looking forward to hearing another one of their CD’s I got on my desk and their future work.  If you ever get the opportunity to see them live in any of the clubs in the area, please go and check them out.  This album is available from Bandcamp and at their live shows.  You can learn more about this great band and their work from their Bandcamp page https://thekindestpeople.bandcamp.com


Graveyards by Donnie & The Dry Heavers

Graveyards is the 2019 album by Donnie & The Dry Heavers, an Indie-Rock/Jam/Blues Rock from Kingsport, Tennessee consisting of Chance Lawson on guitar and vocals, Andrew Kramer on guitar and vocals, Niko Graham on bass and Cameron Hite on drums.  I saw this band last night at The Hideaway, a small club in Johnson City, Tennessee and they gave a great live performance.  This ten-track album features such songs as Falling Asleep, the title track Graveyards, When I Leave Here, Troubled Son, Life Understood and much more.  This album was well written, performed and recorded.  The only suggestion I can make on this album does not include the drummer count off at the beginning of the songs, oh course that is my opinion. I could not find anything showing where this album is available but it is available when you go to one of their shows.  This is a band you must see if they are playing near you.


Dopamine by In The Whale

Dopamine is the August 3, 2018 album by In The Whale, an American alternative rock band from Greeley, Colorado composed of Nathaniel Valdez on lead vocals and guitar and Eric Riley on drums and vocals.  In fact, I watched their performance last night at Capone’s in Johnson City, Tennessee and I was amazed how a two-person band can deliver such a great sound.  This six-track album features the tracks Deep End, Teeth, Slowdrive, Highways, Fire, and an acoustic version of Highways.  I was quite impressed with their songwriting style, as well as their performance and the recording on this album.  If you ever get a chance to see this band perform live, I highly recommend that you do. This album is available on Vinyl, CD and digital download from Amazon and if you get the chance to see them live, you will be able to pick up on there too and even get it signed.


Read Em Their Rights by Sons Of Silver

Alternative rockers Sons Of Silver, featuring original Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen, Candlebox bassist Adam Kury, and former Skillet guitarist Kevin Haaland, along with lead vocalist Pete Argyropoulos and keyboardist and vocalist Brina Kabler have released their new politically-charged single Read Em Their Rights released November 15, 2019.  This single which is from a forthcoming album which title we will know later showcases amazing vocals and great guitar work as well with the other two songs I was sent at the same time Deep Division and World On Fire. I predict that all three songs will do very well on radio play due to how well they were written, performed and recorded.  At this time they are only available as digital downloads on all major digital platforms.


Las Vegas Girth by Sentient Moss

Las Vegas Girth is the October 18, 2019 album by Wall, New Jersey alternative rock band Sentient Moss comprising of Connor McArthur on guitar and vocals, Matt Balkovic on guitar, Nigel Whitley on bass and Joe Fadem on drums.  This six-track EP awesome vocals, amazing guitar riffs and driving drumbeats on such tracks as Greener, And I Was Scared, Much Easier Said Than Done and much more.  This EP was well written, recorded and performed.  I am looking forward to hearing their earlier work and future recordings. This EP is available from Bandcamp, CD Baby, Itunes, and other music outlets.  You can learn more about this band and their music by going to their Bandcamp page https://sentientmoss.bandcamp.com