The Un-American Songbook Volumes I & II by The Ed Palermo Big Band

For my 652nd review and my fifth review by The Ed Palermo Big Band, I am proud to present The Un-American Songbook Volumes I and II released February 23, 2017, on the Cuneiform Record label.  This two-disc set features Ed’s take on such artists as The Beatles, Jethro Tull, Cream, Procol Harum and much more with such tracks as Good Morning Good Morning, Don’t Bother Me, Eleanor Rigby, Good Night and others by the Beatles, Beggar’s Farm by Jethro Tull, Wreck of the Hesperus by Procol Harum, As You Said by Cream, 21st Century Schizoid Man and so much more.  I was impressed by how well Ed and his eighteen-piece band made these songs his own as well it was recorded and produced. This is one jazz album you will want to add to your music library.  This album can be purchased from Amazon, Itunes and everywhere else where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.



Trifecta by Mark Stone And The Dirty Country Band

Trifecta is the April 1, 2017, three song EP by Mark Stone And The Dirty Country Band on the Doiturself Records label.  This EP is a mixture of country and Rock.  This Ep kicks off with the track Kickin’ Up Dust and goes to a song which the beginning sounds a lot like  Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys called Never Drinkin Again and then on to my favorite track Settlin Down.  I was impressed with how well this EP was performed, recorded.  I recommend you give this a listen.  If you like it, you can purchase it from ITunes, Amazon and other places where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.

First Ever Live Show Flint-1977 by Billion $ Babies

First Ever Live Show Flint-1977 is a December15, 2017 release by Billion $ Babies consisting of former Alice Cooper band members  Michael Bruce (Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Lead Vocals) Dennis Dunaway (Bass Guitar) Neal Smith (Drums) on the Gonzo Records label. This is a lost recording of a concert done in 1977 in Flint, Michigan.  Among the live tracks on this ten-song album is Battle Axe, the title track from their studio album, Rock N’ Roll Radio, Too Young and much more.  There are also live versions of songs they performed during the Alice Cooper era such as Billion Dollar Babies and a medley of songs such as No More Mr. Nice Guy/Elected/Eighteen/School’s Out.  Even though I enjoyed the performance, the recording was less than desired.  I still recommend this to anyone’s Alice Cooper related library.



We Do What We Do by Raspin

For My 649th review, I am proud to present We Do What We Do is a quirky, intelligent Adult Contemporary record that touches on folk, blues, gospel and even a sprinkling of pop stylings by Raspin on March 9, 1999, and re-released in 2017 on the Payola Records label.  This album spawned such great tracks such as Rumblin and Tumblin in which he used a raspy Louis Armstrong voice, Dream, Hold On, Smoke The Hookah (which he included some rolling papers) and so much more.  This great album was well written, performed, recorded and produced.  You can find this album from Amazon, CD Baby, Itunes and many other places where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


Games by Max Koffler

For my 648th music review, I am proud to present the exciting album Games by Max Koffler, a German musician, and songwriter. He has written music for some German movies and released his debut album Taboo in May 2008.  This great album was released 3 May 2017 on the Sonsounds Record label.  I am impressed with his great vocal style and instrumentation as found on such tracks as Chose Your Fate, Europaroma, Love Songs, Big Chart, Purple, and so much more.  This great album was well written, performed, recorded and produced.  I am looking forward to listening to more by this great artist. You can purchase this album from Amazon, Itunes and everywhere CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


Oh No! Not Jazz! by The Ed Palermo Big Band

The Ed Palermo Big Band is led by alto saxist and arranger Ed Palermo; he has had this big band with much of the same personnel for over 30 years, which is an impressive feat in itself, and has had his band performing the music of Frank Zappa for 20 years. OH NO! NOT JAZZ!, a February 24, 2014 release on the Cuneiform Records label, consists of two discs: The first disc further explores Ed’s distinctive, big band interpretations of the music of Frank Zappa, while the second disc features Ed’s own, colorful compositions.  Among the great tracks on this 17 track album are Chunga’s Revenge, Lumpy Gravy, Prelude To A Catastrophe, Let’s Reproduce, The Insult and so much more.  I was impressed by how well this album was written, performed, recorded, arranged and produced. This the fourth album by Ed Palermo Big Band that I have reviewed and I am looking forward to hearing more from this great artist.


Classics 2 by John Conlee

Veteran country performer John Conlee has returned with Classics 2, his first album since 2004. The project is a mixture of some of his biggest hits as well as new material released April 21, 2015, on the Rose Colored Records label. This twelve song album features such great tracks as Domestic Life, Mama’s Rockin’ Chair, Walkin’ Behind the Star (a song about  showing support to the many police officers who are just doing their jobs), A Lot Of Things Different (previously recorded by Bill Anderson and Kenny Chesney) Bread and Water and so much more.  I love how John takes a song and gives it an outstanding performance.  I was very impressed with how well this compilation was written, recorded and produced.  I highly recommend this album, as well as Classics One and Three to your John Conlee collection to make it complete until the next volume is released.  I want to take this opportunity to thank Diane Cash at John Conlee Enterprises and Jeremy Westby at 2911 Media for giving me the honor of reviewing this collection.


Invisible Men by Anthony Phillips

Invisible Men is an album by Anthony Phillips, a British musician, songwriter, and singer who gained prominence as the founder member and lead guitarist in the English rock band Genesis, which is released originally 24 October 1983 on the Passport and Virgin Record label.  On October 13, 2017, Esoteric Recordings (a Cherry Red Records label) released a 2-disc deluxe edition of the album.   Disc One contains a new remaster of the original stereo mix of the album. Disc Two contains sixteen previously unreleased demos and contemporaneous material. The tracks Exocet and The Women Were Watching illustrate Anthony’s anger over the 1982 Falklands War between Argentina and the United Kingdom and how it affected a friend of his.  Other notable tracks on this collection are I Want Your Heart, My Time Has Come, Trail Of Tears, Gimme Love, Over And Over Again, Alien, Darling and so much more.  This album was well written (all tracks were written or co-written by Anthony Phillips), performed, recorded and produced.  This album is still as good as it was when originally released in 1983.  If you are a Genesis collector, you will want to add this album to your music collection.


Visions: Coast To Coast Connection by Bob Holz

Bob Holz has established himself as a world-class drummer and composer on his third album, Visions: Coast to Coast Connection.  This great jazz album will be released February 28, 2018, on the Holz Records label. With bassist Stanley Clarke, Holz has created a masterpiece carved out of beautiful and haunting melodies and incredible drumming.  On this ten track album, there are great songs such as Split Decision, Next In Line, Pink Fur, Light & Dark and so much more.  I was impressed by how well this album was written, performed, recorded and produced.  This album will be available for purchase from Amazon, Best Buy and other places where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.




Where’s My Rock by Dr. Daddy-O And The Scholars Of Rock

For my 643rd review I am proud to review the album Where’s My Rock by Dr. Daddy-O And The Scholars Of Rock.  This album was sent to me by Mark Crawford Associate Professor Coordinator of Commercial Music. Department of Music, Tennessee State University and is an independent project with various music professionals, students, and teachers.  Listening to this project brings me back to the great music of the 50’s and 60’s and I enjoyed listening to this. Among the great tracks on this album is New Red Suit that has the great Bill Haley sound, My Wish, Everybody But You which featured one of my favorite bands The WannaBeatles, Shy, Bangin’ My Head and so much more. I love how this CD case was created.  When you open up the CD you see a diploma from The School of Hard Knocks. The CD itself looks like a 45 rpm single. I was very impressed with how well this album was written, recorded, and performed. At present time this album is only available if you send an email to Mark at  This album is ten dollars per CD plus three dollars for shipping and handling.  I want to also thank Bryan Cumming of the great band The WannaBeatles for referring me to Mark to review this album.  Bryan also played on several tracks on this album.