Closing The Golden Gate by RZN8R

RZN8R (pronounced “resonator”) is the moniker of Oakland-raised, Brooklyn-based producer and singer Derek Buckwalter. RZN8R draws from a wide array of influences, fusing his passions for singing, beats, and new thought spirituality to craft lush, deep, and hypnotic grooves. Set to release his debut album Closing The Golden Gate on July 1, 2022, which is a collection of future soul tracks with influences of Motown, boom bap hip hop, dance pop, and jazz.  This seven track album also features Kaeli Earle, Idea Unsound (aka Kris Grant), Dakota and Xander Beltran on such tracks as That’s On You, Aphrodite in Chains, The Window, Thought of It and much more.  This release showcases an amazing performance, brilliant songwriting talent and superb recording.  You will want to get your copy of this album on digital download from Apple Music, Bandcamp and many other music retailers.

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