Always Be There by Vast Conduit

For my 3882nd review, I had the opportunity to listen to the upcoming debut album released by Vast Conduit called Always Be There scheduled for release on February 16, 2022, featuring Bill Jenkins on keyboards, Will Jenkins on drums, Michael Harris on guitar, Jeff Plant on bass, Friel on vocals, and Jim Hurley on violin.  This eleven-song album showcases this band’s amazing musicianship and powerful vocals on such tracks as Soul Tuck, the title track Always Be There, Odessa, 500 Miles, Early Eclipse, and much more.  This release sounds more like a fifth of the sixth album than a debut album with the growth of sound that this band demonstrates which reminds me of such bands as King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, and many other major bands with its stellar performance, accomplished songwriting talents, and superb recording.  This is an album that would sound totally amazing on vinyl, which I hope they do in the future.  This is a band I hope to see perform live one day.  At the time being this album will be available soon as a digital download on Bandcamp, Itunes, and many other music retailers and as a CD down the line.  To learn more about this band, go to their official website

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