A Sky Full Of Ghosts by Sonus Umbra

A Sky Full Of Ghosts is the new album by Chicago based band Sonus Umbra released December 22, 2020 featuring Luis Nasser on bass, Roey Ben-Yoseph on lead vocals and percussion, Rich Poston on guitar and keyboards, Steve Royce on flute and keyboards, Tim McCaskey on guitar, Andy Tillotson on drums and guitar and Bill Harrison on drums and percussion.  This nine track progressive rock features amazing vocals and instrumentation and I love how they start their songs soft and build up heavier from there with such tracks as Antidentity, Hidden In The Light, Losing My Insanity, Time Is Running Out and much more.  I enjoyed this performance from start to finish and would love to add this amazing album to my library, I just wish it was available on vinyl.  This album also features great songwriting and a superb recording.  This recording is available on CD and digital download from Bandcamp, shadowsmadeofsound.com/store and other music retailers. This is a band that I need to find a way to get their complete CD Library to see the growth of this band.

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