Darwin2: A Frozen War by Darwin

Following the release of critically acclaimed debut album “Origin Of Species” in early 2019, DarWin is set to release the follow up album Darwin 2: A Frozen War on November 6, 2020. Once more DarWin has assembled a stunning ensemble of musicians. DarWin II: A Frozen War continues the core collaboration with Simon Phillips (drums, Toto/The Who/Jeff Beck), Matt Bissonette (Elton John, David Lee Roth, Ringo Starr) and DarWin. Joining them are powerhouse players Billy Sheehan (bass, Mr Big/ Steve Vai/Winery Dogs), Guthrie Govan (guitar, Aristocrats/Asia/Hans Zimmer/Steven Wilson), Greg Howe (guitar, Michael Jackson/Justin Timberlake), Derek Sherinian (keyboards, Dream Theater/Alice Cooper/Black Country Communion) and more.  This five track album features the songs Nightmare Of My Dreams, Future History, Eternal Life, The title track A Frozen War and Another Year.  This album showcases a magnificent performance, great songwriting and superb recording.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish and looking forward to its release on November 6, 2020 on Vinyl (with additional tracks) CD and digital download from Amazon and many other retailers.

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