Staem by Petter Wavold

Stæm is a July 29, 2009 album by Norwegian rock musician Petter Wavold.  This album is all sung in Norwegian, but still a great piece of work with a mixture of classic rock with a little punk thrown in with such great tracks on this twelve song album such as the title track Staem, Punk, Another Bad Love Song, A Little Tolling, Heia Sweden and so much more.  This release showcases a great performance as well as excellent songwriting talent and superb recording.  It is so nice to hear music from around the world.  This is my first review for an artist from Norway and looking forward to hearing his other albums.  You can find this album on CD and digital download from Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, and other music retailers.  To learn more about this amazing artist, his music and upcoming tours go to his official website


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