San Fernando Beat by Sandy McKnight and Fernando Perdomo

With my upcoming move coming up I am trying to balance my time between packing and catching up with reviews that are sitting on my desk.  Today’s review is the new album, released March 5, 2020, by Sandy McKnight, a songwriter, producer, and performer along with Fernando Perdomo a multi-instrumentalist, producer and noted session player.  Together they bring an exciting album called San Fernando Beat which is a six-track EP.  This my first review for Sandy McKnight who plays bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar and provides vocals and my thirteenth review for Fernando Perdomo who plays guitars, drums, and keyboards and which features the tracks Facing The End Of The World, Single Flowers, Chloe’s Grace, Heart In Your Hands, Any Time Of The Day and Fake.  I was quite impressed with the performance on the EP as well as the recording and the songwriting talent that is featured on this album.  This is definitely an album you need to check out on CD and digital download from Amazon,, and many other music retailers.  I look forward to hearing more from Sandy and of course much more from Fernando.


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