Abandoned In The Stranger’s Room by Epic Tantrum

For my 1627th music review, I am proud to present the January 20, 2020 debut album Abandoned In The Stranger’s Room by New York-based band Epic Tantrum consisting of Peter Levine on guitar and vocals, Paul on guitar and vocals, Greg Ross on bass and vocals and Z on drums.  I enjoyed this double album release from start to finish with elements of progressive rock, jazz, and heavy metal with the first part of the album, ‘Abandoned,’ featuring studio recordings of previously unreleased material with such tracks as Don’t Bother, Fable Of Fortune, Outside The Wire, Letting Go and much more.  The second part, ‘In The Stranger’s Room,’ features live versions of songs from Abandoned as well as material that appeared on previously released demos such as Franklin Park Blues, Now I Know, Accessory, and even more.  I was quite moved by the performance with amazing vocals and guitar riffs on this album, especially for a debut album that sounds as seasoned as a band that has recorded many albums.  The songwriting on this album was first-rate, as well as the recording.  This is a band that if they ever come down my way to perform in one of our clubs, I would be there to see them perform live and meet this band in person.  You can get your copy of this great CD from the band’s official website https://epictantrum.com where you can also learn more about this great band, their music and where they may be performing near you.


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