Red Reign by Red Reign

Red Reign is the self-titled EP by the heavy rock band Red Reign that I had the opportunity to see open for Y&T in Ashville, North Carolina.  Red Reign is from Richmond, Virginia and features the line up of Carlton “Bubba” McMichael on lead vocals and guitar, Steve Shred on Lead guitar and backup vocals, Larry Moore on bass and back up vocals and Sammy Lee on drums.  I loved their energetic performance on this five-track EP which consists of songs Not That Way, Toxic, Chains, the title track Red Reign, and What Is Love For.  This EP features amazing vocals, heavy guitar riffs, thumping bass lines and driving drum beats.  This EP showcases in addition to an amazing performance, some great songwriting talents as well as a superb recording.  I am looking forward to hearing their debut album Chasing Shadows so see the growth of them as performers and songwriters as well as their future albums.  If you ever get a chance to see this band live, I highly recommend you doing so as they are on tour opening for Winger and Tesla.  This EP is available on CD and digital downloads from Amazon, Discogs, and many other music outlets.  To find out more about this band as well as their tour schedule and more go to their official website


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