Out To Sea 3: The Storm by Fernando Perdomo

Out To Sea 3: The Storm is the third of a series of CDs of this title by Fernando Perdomo, guitarist, and bassist of the Dave Kerzner Band which is scheduled for release on March 6, 2020, via the Forward Motion Records label.  This instrumental progressive rock album is my 11th review of material that this great artist has been involved in as a solo artist for with other artists. This eleven-track album shows Fernando’s growth as a songwriter and as an artist.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish with such tracks as the title track Out To Sea 3 Theme, Wonder, The Storm, The Crab, Dawn and much more.  I enjoyed the performance on this album as well as the songwriting and recording of this album.  I always looked forward to hearing something new from this great artist. You can pick up your copy of this album on March 6th in CD and digital download format from Amazon, Bandcamp, Cherry Red Records all other music outlets. To hear more music by this amazing artist, go to his Bandcamp page https://fernandoperdomo.bandcamp.com


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