Solitary by Don Dokken

Solitary is an October 21, 2008, acoustic rock album by Don Dokken, singer of his original band Dokken released on his own label and will be re-released January 31, 2020, on Deadline Music, a division of Cleopatra Records.  To help bring this project to life, Don reached out to several high-profile musicians including The Firm/Whitesnake bassist Tony Franklin plus renowned drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (Frank Zappa / Sting) as well as Wyn Davis on guitars and bass, Steve Ornest on guitars, Frank Lentz and Gary Ferguson on drums, John Schreiner and John Keane on pianos and a guest performance of Kelly Keeling doing background vocals on Where The Grass Is Green.  At the time in 2008, the album was only sold to fans attending his tour for the album.  This twelve track album features the nine tracks that was on the original release plus three more tracks for the re-issue release which features Don’s powerful vocals on such tracks as I’ll Never Forget, Ship Of Fools, his take on Celine Dion’s hit My Heart Will Go On (from the movie Titanic), Someday and much more.  This album was well written, recorded, performed and produced.  This album is available on CD, digital download and a very special limited edition RED vinyl pressing from Cleopatra Records, Amazon and many other music outlets.

don dokken

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