Eminence Funk by Red56

Freddy Vilano (American Mafia/Dambusters/Quiet Riot) has a new band Red56 who has released a new album via Bandcamp called Eminence Funk featuring Danielle Gorre on lead vocals released on Christmas Eve of 2019.  Along with Freddy Vilano on bass, he is joined by Nate Horton on drums, Harris G. Thor on guitars and lap steel, Lonnie Park on keyboards and many other guest musicians.  This New York-based band presents an amazing eight-track album that features such great tracks as It’s All Right, Salvation, Right On Time, the title track Eminence Funk and much more.  I was quite impressed with the performance on this album as well as the production, the recording and the songwriting style on this album.  This is an amazing album from start to finish is an album you will want to take a listen to and add to your music library from Bandcamp, Amazon and other outlets on CD and digital download.


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