Backstage Stories by Robertas Semeniukas

After listening to this artist on an online radio show hosted by Dave Davis, I got hooked on this artist and wanted to hear more, so I contacted this artist and received this amazing CD. Hailing from Lithuania, Robertas Semeniukas brings a new full length 20 track album titled “Backstage Stories.” The 20 track album released on November 20, 2019, contains 12 instrumentals and 8 vocal songs.  This amazing artist with intriguing guitar work and strong vocals is joined by a long list of supporting musicians in the making of this album which is a great mixture of blues and rock features such great tracks as Kai nieko nebelieka, Flying High (S.V.J.S.), Killer Boogie From China, Journey Home, You Gotta Move, Icebreaker Comes To Town, Dream Song and so much more.  I was quite moved with his guitar work, his songwriting talent, and performance as well as how this great album was recorded.  I am so looking forward to hearing more from this artist both his earlier work and his future releases.  I highly recommend this artist’s work to your music library. I would put his guitar work with such classic guitarists as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Vai, Slash, and many others.  I feel you will love his work as much as I do. This amazing album is available from Bandcamp, Discogs, and his website where digital downloads, CDs and Vinyl are sold.  You can also go to the website to learn more about this artist, his music and his other releases.



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