The Kindest People, Donnie And The Dry Heavers and The Styrofoam Turtles at The Hideaway in Johnson City, Tennessee

Last night after an invitation by Spencer Otey of the band The Kindest People who I saw a couple nights before at Capone’s in Johnson City, Tennessee to see them perform at a venue I have not been to before called The Hideaway.  As I walked in, I notice that the venue was a lot smaller than Capone’s but a nice venue to go to.  The band that was on the stage was Donnie And The Dry Heavers, an Indie-Rock/Jam/Blues Rock from Kingsport, Tennessee consisting of Chance Lawson on guitar and vocals, Andrew Kramer on guitar and vocals, Niko Graham on bass and Cameron Hite on drums.  They gave a great performance with a mixture of sounds such as blues, rock, country and even a little bit of reggae thrown in.  After the performance, I had the opportunity to have a nice chat with Chance Lawson about their music and he gave me a copy of their CD called Grave Yards to listen and review later.  After a short break, I experienced the sound of The Styrofoam Turtles, a garage rock-infused grunge band from Asheville, North Carolina featuring Josh Davis on drums and Tristen Colby on guitar and vocals.  I was unable to find out who was playing bass.  This three-piece band gave an amazing performance for great guitar work and driving drum beats.  I got the opportunity to speak to Tristen after the show and he plans to send me some of his work to listen to and review. After another short break, the band I was invited to see again went on the stage The Kindest People an Indie/Garage/Punk band from Johnson City, Tennessee featuring Matthew Sykes on guitar, keyboards and vocals, Spencer Otey on guitar and backing vocals, Evan Rice on Bass and backing vocals and Matthew Dougherty on drums. Their high energy show featured original music from their album Observations From The Alternate and others, plus a great performance.  It was great to see these guys again and they remembered me from the other night and we had a chance to talk for a while before they went on.  The venue The Hideaway is a great venue that features local bands and was surprised that they only sell canned beer, no cocktails or draft beer, but when I saw that the owner was working as a bartender, sound man and doorman, I could understand why. In addition to plenty of seating, there was plenty of room that want to stand in front of the stage to see the bands.  It is still a venue I want to visit again.

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