Observations From The Alternate by The Kindest People

For my 1549th review overall and my 507th review for the year 2109, I am proud to present the album Observations From The Alternate from the Indie/Garage/Punk band from Johnson City, Tennessee called The Kindest People featuring Matthew Sykes on guitar, keyboards and vocals, Spencer Otey on guitar and backing vocals, Evan Rice on Bass and backing vocals and Matthew Dougherty on drums.  I had the privilege to see this band this past Thursday as they opened for 10 Years at Capone’s in Johnson City.  After their amazing show, I had the opportunity to talk to the members of this band and learn a lot about their music and how it was recorded.  Listening to this eleven-track album, I enjoyed the acoustic as well as heavy guitar work, amazing vocals and driving drum beats on such tracks as Told You, Fake It, Style, Almost Done and so much more as I enjoyed this album from start to finish.  This album features great songwriting from Matthew Sykes with the last track Observations written by Spencer Otey.  When I listened to this album, I thought it was recorded at some major recording studio, but I found it was recorded in a garage which impressed me even more.  This album is available on CD and digital download from Bandcamp and other outlets as well at their live shows.  I am looking forward to listening to their earlier work to see their growth as performers and songwriters, as well as seeing them perform again in the future.


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