Mama Let Him Play by Doucette

Mama Let Him Play is the 1977 debut album by Jerry Victor Doucette, a Canadian guitarist, and singer-songwriter known just as Doucette rereleased several times, the latest being September 24, 2013, on the Mushroom Records label.  In addition to Jerry Doucette on guitars and vocals, he is joined by Duris Maxwell on drums, Don Cummings on bass, Robbie King on keyboards, Brent Shindel on guitars and Dale Jacobs on string synthesizer.  This eleven-track album is slightly reminiscent of the sound of Steve Miller and the Doobie Brothers with such tracks as Down The Road, Back Off, the title track Mama Let Him Play, Cat Walk (which is a bonus track) and much more.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish with excellent guitar work and amazing vocals and harmonies plus I was quite impressed with the writing and recording of this album.  This released is still available on Vinyl, CD, Cassette and digital download from Amazon, Discogs, and other outlets.  To learn more about this amazing artist, his music and more go to his official website


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