Any Road by Bachman

Randy Bachman had a great career as a member of The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive as a guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist. With this album Any Road, Randy Bachman showcases his work as a solo artist and only putting his last name Bachman on the label.  On this twelve track album originally released in 1993, Randy Bachman is playing guitar and vocals, joined by Billy Rea “Crash” Chapman on drums and Richard Cochrane on bass.  He is also joined by guest artists Neil Young providing guitar and vocals and Margo Timmons providing vocals on the track Prairie Town, Callianne Bachman providing vocals on Overworked and Underpaid and several other guest artists.  Other notable tracks on this album are the title track Any Road, Vanishing Heroes, Why Am I Lonely and much more.  I enjoyed this album, but not as much as some of his other work.  This album was still well written, performed and recorded and is available on CD and digital download from any music outlets.


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