Family Joules by Foghat

Family Joules is the fourteenth studio album by the English rock band Foghat, released in 2003 on the Varese Vintage Records label and rereleased February 10, 2017, on the Linus Entertainment Records label. It is the first album by the band without founding member, guitarist and singer Dave Peverett and consists of Charlie Huhn taking over the lead vocals and guitar duties along with Bryan Bassett on guitar and vocals, Tony Stevens on bass and vocals and Roger Earl on drums.  This band still has that great rocking sound that they had back in 1975 when they had their big hit of Slow Ride.  This thirteen track album features such tracks as Mumbo Jumbo, I Feel Fine, Looking For You, Sex With The Ex, Mean Voodoo Woman and so much more.  I was quite impressed with their songwriting abilities, as well as how well this album was performed and recorded with it still available on CD and digital download from Amazon, Discogs, CD Baby, and many other music outlets.  This band is still touring and you can find out more about this band, their tour schedule, and their music by going to their official website


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