Vankale, Roman Riot and Lydia Can’t Breathe hosted by Coenthebutcher at Capone’s, Johnson City, Tennessee

Last night November 15, 2019, was a great night for metal at Capone’s in Johnson City, Tennessee with Vankale, Roman Riot and Lydia Can’t Breathe hosted by Coenthebutcher.  First to hit the stage was the heavy metal band Vankale consisting of Jeremy Jones on vocals, Jay Presley and Jacob Miller on guitars, Chris Downey on bass and vocals, and David Vananda on drums.  They gave the audience a high energy performance with strong vocals, heavy guitar riffs and driving drum beats. Next on stage is a band I have seen once before Roman Riot, a metal band out of the tri-cities featuring Adam Gonce and Cory Eidson on guitars, Daniel Roberts on bass and backing vocals, Daniel Swain on drums and backing vocals, Jason Wilkins and David Athon on lead clean vocals.  Listening to this performance I see the growth of this band since the last time heard them play with them playing tracks from their Ep Tribulation and more.  I was happy to hear them again and I got a chance to talk with them before the show.  Finally to hit the stage is Florida based metal band Lydia Can’t Dance featuring the energetic vocals of Kyle Bolduc along with Josh Runfeldt on drums, Shad Roundy on bass, and Ryan Cowell and Travis Daigle on guitars.  They put on heavy high energy performance with tracks from their latest album Taste New and even a couple tracks from their forthcoming album to be released next year.  This band and I had to opportunity to have a nice chat about their music, festivals and many other things which I will go into detail in another posting.  All in all, it was a great evening with fantastic music and great friendships.

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