Welcome To The D by Slight Return

Welcome To The D is my second review and March 17, 2015 album by Detroit based band Slight Return featuring Mark Kassa on vocals and guitars and various other musicians backing him up, plus guest musicians George Clinton (P-Funk), Billy Cox (Hendrix), Davey Pattison (Robin Trower), Tony Green (Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre), Dennis Coffey (Funk Brothers), and much more.  This hard-hitting funky rock album reminds me the sounds of Jimi Hendrix with Black Sabbath and other heavy rock bands threw in with such great tracks on this twelve song album as Funky People, Hail The Heroes, Ignorance, Move ‘ Em On Out, Shake Your Detroit Right, the title track Welcome To The D and much more, in fact I enjoyed this album from start to finish.  I was impressed with Mark Kassa’s songwriting talent and his guitar work as well as how this album was performed, recorded and produced.  This is definitely an album I would highly recommend to anyone that enjoys this kind of rock.  This album is available on CD and digital download format from Amazon, Bandcamp, Itunes, and many other music outlets.  To learn more about this album and this exciting band go to their Bandcamp page https://slightreturnusa.bandcamp.com


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