Slizdexics Untie by Peak

Slizdexics Untie is the mostly instrumental 2019 offering by Australia’s electronic rock band Peak, 38 years after their first and only album. Features original Peak members Paul Fisher on guitars, keyboards, and electronics, Robert Reekes-Parsons on keyboards and Colin Forster on bass plus several guests on other instruments.  This was an awesome album to listen to with a lot of great guitar work and sound effects and some tracks reminded me a lot of early Pink Floyd.  Now they need a great light show lol.  This album features such great tracks as Last Of The Seatbelts, Gorilla Gas, Trains and several more.  This six-track album was well written, recorded and performed.  They are definitely a band you would want to see live and you can find this album on CD and digital download from their website where you can learn more about this band


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