Global Griot by Eric Bibb

On the heels of Eric Bibb’s Grammy nominated Migration Blues comes his most ambitious project to date, the 2-disc set Global Griot, released October 26, 2018, on the Stony Plain Records label.  This is Eric’s most collaborative work to date with all songs (besides four traditional tunes and two covers) sharing writing credits with various musicians involved in the album.  This album is considered Global with a great mixture of blues, reggae, folk and other styles which are featured with such tracks as Gathering Of The Tribes, Human River, Brazos River Blues, Black Brown And White, Grateful, Let God, Needed Time and so much more.  Eric impressed me with his songwriting abilities, his voice, and his performance, as well as how this album was recorded and produced.  I highly recommend this album to anyone that loves many genres of music and you can pick up your own copy of this album on CD and digital download from Amazon, Discogs, and many other music outlets as well as his website where you can learn more about this artist and his other music.


The Last Sadness by Stickman Bleeding

Last night I was listening to the radio show Light Without Heat hosted by Stuffer White and I heard a track by Florida based progressive rock artist Brett Lloyd aka Stickman Bleeding called Flowers and I was so impressed with the song that I was dying to hear more, so I contacted the artist and he sent me the files to his album The Last Sadness released May 30, 2018.  This twelve track progressive rock album with great vocals, brilliant piano work, and amazing instrumentation features such tracks as Don’t, Flowers, Fly To Eternity, Never, Take Back The Dark and so much more.  I was impressed with his songwriting talent as well as how this album was performed and recorded.  I am looking forward to hearing more from this amazing artist.  This album is available on digital download from Amazon, Itunes, and other music outlets.



Haunting Ambition by Kev Howell

Haunting Ambition is the August 3, 2017 debut album by Kev Howell,  a singer/songwriter from Glasgow who performs both solos and with his band which is made up of Kev Howell on guitar and vocals, James Kingsley on bass and backing Vocals and Andy Merchant on drums and percussion.  The music on this album is described from soft and somber to dark and brooding.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish with such great alternative rock tracks such as Distance, Kamikaze, Lonely Operator, Grave Lament, Snipers Blues and so much more.  I was very impressed with his voice and his acoustic guitar work as well as how this album was written, recorded, produced and performed. You can pick up a copy of this album from Amazon, Itunes and other outlets where digital downloads are sold.  I am looking forward to hearing more from this great artist and you can learn more about this artist by going to his website


A Quail’s House by Tom Kelly

The multi-instrumentalist Tom Kelly album A Quail’s House is the second of the three albums which have recently been released is in some ways the sibling album to Burnt Peas/The Tolling of St. John’s Bells in that it also contains music which was conceived, recorded and worked in between 1978 and 2000 and was compiled by Tom’s wife Nickie after his passing in 2017. Although broken into multiple songs and titles, this is in essence designed as one piece of music to be played from start to finish starting off with A Slight Overture Of Sorts and ending with The Fork Boogie with The Wayfarer in four parts and Travels in three parts plus other tracks. This great album showcase Tom’s great songwriting and performance as well as how it was recorded and produced.  I will be reviewing this third part of the trilogy in the upcoming weeks.  This album was released in September of 2018 and is available on CD and digital download from Amazon, CD Baby, Itunes, and other music outlets.


Beyond The Blue Door by Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters

Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters return with Ronnie’s 26th album Beyond The Blue Door to be released August 30, 2019, on the Stony Plain Records label.  The Broadcasters consists of Ronnie Earl on guitar, Dave Limina on piano and organ, Diane Blue on vocals, Forrest Padgett on drums and Paul Kochanski on bass plus a bunch performers such as Special guests performers on the new album which includes David Bromberg on acoustic guitar and vocals; Kim Wilson on harmonica and vocals; Greg Piccolo on tenor sax; Anthony Geraci on piano, Peter Ward on guitar plus many more.  I enjoyed this fifteen track album from start to finish with such great guitar work, instrumentation and vocals on such tracks as Baby How Long, The Sweetest Man, A Soul That Has Been Abused, Blues With A Feeling, Peace Of Mind and so much more. I was impressed with the songwriting talent on this album as well as its performance and how it was recorded and produced.  I highly recommend this anyone that is a fan of the blues and it will be available soon from Amazon and all other music outlets that vinyl, CDs and digital downloads are sold.  In fact, I hope to get my hands on the vinyl copy of this one myself.  To learn more about this amazing artist and where he is playing near you, go to his website



The Lost Tapes by Ian & Sylvia

For my next review I am proud to announce the upcoming release by Ian & Sylvia, a Canadian folk and country music duo which consisted of Ian and Sylvia Tyson, née Fricker called The Lost Tapes to be released September 6, 2019, on the Stoney Plain Records label which features over 20 unreleased recordings prior to Sylvia’s induction into the Canadian Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. Both Ian & Sylvia have been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame as well.  This twenty-six track album of folk classics which blend influences from folk and country originals and covers and features such tracks as Keep On The Sunny Side, I’ll Fly Away, Crazy Arms, Summer Wages, Will The Circle Be Unbroken and much more as well as country classics such as Heartaches By The Number, Sweet Dreams, Crying Time, Together Again and many more.  While Ian & Sylvia’s catalog is filled to the brim with stellar music, the release of Ian & Sylvia The Lost Tapes is culled from newly-discovered concert tapes from the early ‘70s, and never-before-heard versions of country and pop classics, cementing their reputations as performers  who pushed  the boundaries of folk, blues, country, rhythm and blues, and rock ‘n roll.  This great compilation was well written, recorded, produced and performed.  You can pick up your own copy of this album on September 6th from Amazon, Itunes and all other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


Stella Bella Strada by Kevin Breit

Stella Bella Strada is the second solo album and May 31, 2019 release by Kevin Breit, a Canadian guitarist, vocalist, and singer-songwriter from McKerrow, Ontario, Canada, on the Stony Plain Records label.  In addition of Kevin Breit playing slide guitar, bass clarinet, and mandolin, he joined by Ian DeSouza on bass, Mark Lalama on accordion and pump organ, Davide DiReenzo on drums, Gary Taylor on percussion, Gary Breit on organ, Brad Kilpatrick on vibraphone and percussion, Rebecca Hennessy on trumpet, Perry White on tenor and baritone saxophone and flute, Tom Richards on trombone and tuba, and William Lamoureux on violins.  This ten-track album which is a mixture of blues and jazz features such tracks as  A Common Vow, Shoo The Blackbird, If You Knew, the title track Stella Bella Strada and much more.  This album was well written, recorded and performed and is available from Amazon, Itunes and many other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold. You can learn more about this artist by going to his website


All Good Things by DVR

All Good Things is a concept album and it deals with the end of the earth as we know it seen from different perspectives by DVR, a studio project by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Olav Christensen and is scheduled for release on September 13, 2019 (Friday the 13th) lol. Originally from Denmark, Olav is now based in Brooklyn, NY, and writes, records, produces and masters all his music.  One of the things that impressed me the most is that Olav sent me this release on vinyl and a nice note on a card thanking me for reviewing his previous project called Down.  In addition to Olav, he acquired 15 musicians from all over the world collaborate with him on this album.  I am very impressed with the growth on this album both as a songwriter and an artist with such great tracks as the title song All Good Things, Arrow Of Time, Come Inside, Here We Are (Hold On To Your Pride) and much more.  This ten-track vinyl album was well written, recorded, performed and produced and will be available on September 13, 2019, from Bandcamp and other music outlets.


The Road We Travel by Bangtower

I am proud to present The Road We Travel, the latest release and fourth album by the progressive fusion legends Bangtower, released August 8, 2019, on the Declassified Records label.   This new album is also the first Bangtower track to feature Neil Citron playing a 7 string electric guitar and features the return of Neil Citron on guitars, keyboards and vocals and Robby “Pag” Pagliari on fretless bass and vocals.  The CD version also contains 6 re-mastered tracks from the digital album “Hey, Where’d Everybody Go?” featuring Frankie Banali best known for his work with multi-platinum heavy metal band Quiet Riot on drums.  Also is Maynard J Krebs (Dobie Gillis’s sidekick) on horns and Rudd Weatherwax (Lassie’s owner) on drums…lol  of course, these are aliases since the actual musicians who played the horns and drum parts remain anonymous due to contractual issues.  This is an amazing album and I enjoyed this one from start to finish with such great tracks as N C Hammer, Down Under, the title track The Road We Travel, Heavy Lifting and much more. I was quite impressed with how well this album was written, recorded, performed and produced.  This amazing album is available from CD-Baby, Amazon, Bandcamp and other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


The Future Is Us by Hawkestrel

The Future Is Us is the August 9, 2019 release by Hawkestrel on the Cleopatra Records label.  This incredible project brings together a host of former members and associates of the Hawkwind family including longtime bassist Alan Davey also playing Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizer, Drum Arrangements, and Piano , co-founder Nik Turner on saxophone, original bassist Lemmy Kilmister (later to be founder, lead singer, bassist, and primary songwriter of the rock band Motörhead), drummer Ginger Baker (drummer and founder of the band Cream), violinist Simon House, original guitarist Huw Lloyd-Langton, Paul Rudolph on bass, Mick Slattery on guitar and Bridget Wishart, William Shatner (of Star Trek fame), Nigel Potter and Kevin M Sommers taking on vocal parts.  This thirteen track progressive rock album features such great tracks as Do What Ya Need To Do, the title track The Future Is Us, Goodbye Death Valley, Hawkestrel, Bad Boys For Life and so much more.  This great album was well written, performed, recorded and produced and is available from Amazon, Discogs, Cleopatra Records and other outlets where CDs, Vinyl, and digital downloads are sold.