Book Of Romance And Dust by Exit North

Exit North announces the lush, atmospheric and melancholic debut recording Book of Romance and Dust released October 26, 2018, on the Exit North Records label.  This band consists of Ulf Jansson on Piano and Keyboards, Charles Storm on synthesizers, guitars, bass and vocals, Steve Jansen on Keyboards, Drums, and vocals, and Thomas Feiner on lead vocals, trumpet, piano, guitar, and harmonium.  Also joining them on this project is legendary jazz bassist Lars Danielsson contributes with upright bass and also the album features trumpet, harmonium and a string quintet, all the instruments one associate with the world of rock are involved, but employed within an eclectic mindset.  This nine-song album features such tracks as Bested Bones, Sever Me, Spider, Another Chance and much more.  I found this album very relaxing as well as been well written, performed, recorded and produced.  This album is available in CD and digital format from Amazon and other outlets.  You can learn more about this group at their website


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