GOT SOUL! 4 – the Kings & Queens of Soul! by Various Artists

With the release of the Big Fourth Edition of the acclaimed ‘GOT SOUL!’ series, the level amazing new Soul classics & soulful Singers is world class! 20 superhot Songs & Artists makes this the hottest hit collection in the booming new Soul movement sweeping the World! Like it’s sister series of POP songs (‘WANNA PARTY!) & COUNTRY songs (‘LOVE MY COUNTRY!) make the HOT NEW HEAT! series hottest hit compilations in the business!  GOT SOUL! 4 – the Kings & Queens of Soul! Is an incredible collection of 20 Hot New Soul Classics! From the most talented Soul Singers breaking out today, including longtime David Bowie/Luther Vandross singer Ava Cherry doing Impossible, Clive Davis protégé Kenny Mazin Brown doing Real Man, Pullman Porters doing That’s What They Say, Cecily doing Can You Feel It, Tarsha Rodgers with Two Faced, Keith Harris with No Man, & 14 more – wall-to-wall classic new soul songs for lovers of great singers & infectious soulful songs! I enjoyed this compilation from start to finish and was impressed with how well his album was written, performed, recorded and produced. This great compilation is available from Amazon and other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold


Native Tongue by Switchfoot

Native Tongue is the eleventh studio album by American alternative rock band Switchfoot. It was released on January 18, 2019, through Fantasy Records.  This great band features Jon Foreman on lead vocals & guitar, Tim Foreman on bass, Chad Butler on drums, Jerome Fontamillas on keyboards, and Drew Shirley on guitar.  This superb album has spawned four singles, the title track Native TongueVoicesAll I Need and Let It Happen.  It also features such great notable tracks as OxygenProdigal SonWonderful Feeling and so much more.  I was impressed with the songwriting on this album (all tracks were written or co-written by Jon and Tim Foreman) and how well this album was recorded, performed and produced.  Please take a listen to this album on Spotify and then you will want to purchase your own copy from Amazon, Itunes and other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


Balearic Beauty by Roger Shah Presents Sunlounger

Balearic Beauty (Deluxe Edition) is the fourth full-length album from German electronic composer and producer Roger-Pierre Shah, released under his Sunlounger alias. It was released through Magic Island Records on December 16, 2016.  This fifty three track album, a mixture of uptempo and downtempo material features various mixes of such tracks like the title track Balearic Beauty, Surrender, I’ll Be Fine, I Just Wanna Dance With You, Come As You Are and so much more.  This is a great album to listen to when you want to relax or listen to something that is not too heavy at the end of a busy day.  This collection was well written, recorded, mixed, and performed.  This album is available from Amazon, Itunes and other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.


Autumn Leaf by Viggenblot

Autumn Leaf is the November 2, 2017 album by Viggenblot released on the BlueFreya Records label.  This band consists of Daron Olson on rhythm and bass guitars and Richard Baysinger on lead and acoustic guitars, drums, keyboards, and fretless bass. This five track EP album features unclean vocals, great guitar licks, and driving drum beats on such tracks as Steel Truth, the title track Autumn Leaf, Lisbon, Tortured Truth and one more.  I was quite impressed with how well this album was performed, written and recorded.  This is a band I have got hooked on and hungry for more.  This album is available from Amazon, Itunes and other outlets where digital downloads are sold.


Votov Self Titled Album by Votov

Votov is the self-titled December 2, 2017 album by Winnipeg, Canada death metal band Votov consisting of John Duke on bass, Matt Penner on drums and Chuck Labossiere on guitars and vocals.  This eight-track album features guttural unclean vocals, heavy guitar riffs, driving drum beats and pounding bass lines with such tracks as The Smear (which is less than two minutes long) and I heard for the first time on an online radio show on Spreaker, Organic Incarceration, By The Disgrace Of God, a cover of the Celtic Frost track Dethroned Emperor and much more.  This album was well written, recorded and performed.  I am looking forward to hearing more from this band.  If you are a fan of death metal, you will want to hear this album and get your own copy from Bandcamp and other outlets where digital downloads are sold. Until they get their online store up and running, you can go to their facebook page to inquire about physical copies and merchandise.


The Light I Hold by Memphis May Fire

For 1096th review, I am proud to present This Light I Hold, the fifth studio album by Nashville, Tennessee metalcore band Memphis May Fire and a band I will be seeing live on March 3, 2019, at Capone’s in Johnson City, Tennessee. It was released on October 28, 2016, by Rise Records and this will be my second review for this great band. This great band consists of Matty Mullins on lead vocals, Kellen McGregor on lead and rhythm guitars, Cory Elder on bass guitar and Jake Garland on drums.  It is also the last album to have rhythm guitarist Anthony Sepe before his departure on January 2017.  This thirteen track album spawned three singles Carry On, the title track This Light I Hold, and Wanting More as well as notable tracks The Enemy, That’s Just Life, The Antidote and much more with unclean vocals, heavy guitar riffs and driving drum beats.  I was impressed with how well it was written, recorded, produced and performed.  This album is available on colored vinyl, CD, and digital download from Amazon, Itunes, and other outlets.


Joint Effort by Humble Pie

Joint Effort is the February 8, 2019, digitally remastered archive re-release by American rock group Humble Pie on the Cleopatra Records label. A very special lost album recorded in 1974-75 at Clear Sounds Studio with the classic line-up of Steve Marriott on guitar/vocals, Greg Ridley on bass, Dave Clempson on guitar, and Jerry Shirley on drums. This ten track album contains never before heard original compositions by the band plus blazing covers of James Brown and Aretha Franklin hit Think, The Beatles classic Rain and Betty Wright hit Let Me Be Your Lovemaker as well as tracks Midnight Of My Life, Snakes & Ladders, Charlene and much more. I was impressed with how this album was written, remastered, recorded, performed and produced.  This classic album is available on limited edition colored vinyl, CD and digital downloads from Amazon, Itunes, and other outlets.

humble pie

Kiss Of The Night by Lazy Bonez

Kiss Of The Night is the January 11, 2019 album by Finish metal band Lazy Bonez on the E-X-R Metal Records.  This great band consists of Tommi Salmela on vocals, Markku Mähönen on Guitar & backing vocals, Mikko Niiranen on Guitar & backing vocals, Jaakko Kauppinen on bass & backing vocals, Topi Kosonen on drums, and Heikki Polvinen and Janne Tolsa on synthesizers.  This thirteen track albums features great guitar riffs, wailing vocals and great synthesizer work which reminds me a lot of the hair bands of the eighties with such tracks as Everlasting, Run, the title track Kiss Of The Night, Slaves Of The Dark, Psych Ward, a great ballad Forever Young, and so much more.  This album was well written, performed and recorded and I became a big fan of this band, wanting to hear more from them and would see them live if they came to my area.  Please go to Spotify and Youtube and check out this album.  After hearing it you will want to go to Amazon, Itunes and other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold to get your own copy of this amazing album.


The Art Of Singing While Drowning by Carol Martini

The Art Of Singing While Drowning is the October 29, 2018 album by Carol Martini, a singer-songwriter from Orange County, California which 23 songs which reflect her eclectic style and covers such genres as rock, pop-rock, folk-rock with an edge and adult contemporary.  With Carol Martini’s amazing vocals along with Daniel Martin on guitars, bass, dobro, keyboards, and drums, they brought forth a great performance with such tracks as Gone So Fast, Don’t Read You, I Went Down, You Made Good Bye An Art, I Don’t Need This, I Wish Life Could Be and much more.  This album was well written (All Songs were written by Carol Martini), recorded, and performed.  This album is available from Amazon, Itunes, CD Baby and other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.

carol martini

The Calm The Storm by Brave

For my 1092nd music review, I am proud to present the January 8, 2019 album The Calm The Storm from the Washington DC area progressive rock and metal band called Brave.  This great band features Ben Kelly on bass, Matt Kozar and Scott Loose on guitars, Suvo Sur on violin and keyboards, Trevor Schrotz on drums and his wife Michelle Schrotz on vocals and keyboards.  This ten track album features great guitar work, amazing bass, string, and keyboard lines and powerful vocals such great tracks as I Will Wait, Mystery, Summertime, Race To The End, Electric Ravens and so much more.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish and was impressed with how well this album was written, recorded, and performed.  Over the next few weeks, I will be reviewing one earlier album and two EP’s to show the growth of this band and one day I hope to catch this band live.  You can pick up your own copy of this album from Amazon, Itunes, CD Baby and other outlets where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.