Balancing Act EP2: Your Honor by Zak Sloan

My 1109th review is a continuing story of a fourth-grade teacher who became a lawyer who became a great musician from Colorado Balancing Act EP2: Your Honor is the follow album to Balancing Act EP1: Bar Crawling by Zak Sloan released on February 16, 2019, on the Sloan Song Records label.  This great singer/songwriter/produced created a 6 track album of amazing songs with great vocals and guitar work with such songs as Me And My Chemicals, Reckless and Ready, Looking For, Beat Of Your Heart and more.  I was impressed with how well this album was written, recorded and performed and is my third review for this amazing artist.  You can purchase your copy of this album from Amazon, Itunes, CD Baby and other outlets where digital downloads are sold.  You can find out more about this amazing artist at his website


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