In The Shadow Of The Sun by The Joey Stuckey Trio

In The Shadow Of The Sun is my fifth review for Joey Stuckey, an award-winning blind guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, producer and sound engineer from Macon, Georgia.  On this great album, he is credited as The Joey Stuckey Trio joined by Nestor Jaenz and Charles Arnold along with on keyboard by longtime friend and band member Tom Rule and renowned Georgia music legend Randall Bramblett on B-3 organ.  Yet when the veteran blues rocker booked his progressive Americana trio into the legendary Sun Studio (famous for recording legends Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and others) for a three-hour session on an off day from their tour, he had no specific plan except to record a few originals and covers.  This eighteen track album consists of all nine tracks in both stereo and mono format which you don’t see very often.  This historic recording session produced such tracks as You’re So Wrong, Domino (originally recorded by Van Morrison), Truth is a Misty Mountain (a tune Stuckey wrote in the 90s but never recorded before till now), Whipping Post (originally recorded by The Allman Brothers), Ain’t It Good to be in Love and much more.  I was quite impressed with how this album was written, recorded, mixed, and performed.  I just found out that this album is also available on vinyl, which is the first for him (which I want to get my own copy) as well on CD and digital download on the Senate Records label. I highly recommend this album and you can purchase this great album on March 29, 2019, from Amazon, Itunes, and other outlets.



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