The Salentino Cuts by UFO

For my 491st review I am proud to present The Salentino Cuts by British rock legends UFO which will be released on CD and Vinyl on September 29th, 2017 from the Cleopatra Records label.  This will be this bands first ever covers album.  This twelve track album covers such great songs as Break On Through (originally recorded by The Doors), Paper In Fire (originally recorded by John Cougar Mellencamp), Mississippi Queen (originally recorded by Mountain), Ain’t No Sunshine (originally recorded by Bill Withers) my favorite The Pusher (originally recorded by Steppenwolf) and so many others such as songs by ZZ Top, The Yardbirds and so much more.  I was very impressed on how well this album was performed, recorded and produced.  I recommend this album to anyone’s rock library.  You will be able to purchase this album at Amazon, Itunes and every where else the CD’s, Vinyl and digital downloads are sold.



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