A Different Dream by The Key Of David

A Different Dream is the debut album by the Christian band The Key Of David released December 2016 on their own label.  The songs on this ten track album were written by David Hirsch except for the song Take Me Back which was written by David Hirsch and Phil Keaggy.  This album grabbed my attention on the very first track A Different Dream. Other tracks that I loved on this album were Bring It To Me (featuring the powerful vocals of Matthew Ward), I’ll Look For You, Pray The Pain and Saying Amen. I was very impressed by the vocals and acoustic guitar works of David Hirsch.  This album was very well performed, recorded and produced by David Hirsch and Phil Keaggy.  Whether you are a fan of Christian Music or music to relax and heal you will want this album.  I woke up this morning in level 6 pain. By the time I finished this album I was back to the level 4 pain that I learned to live with.  You can purchase this album on Amazon, CD Baby and itunes.



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