Help by The Beatles

Help! is an album by The Beatles, and the soundtrack from their film Help!. Produced by George Martin, it was the fifth UK album release by the band, and contains fourteen songs in its original British form.  It was released on 6 August 1965 on the UK label Parlophone.  On side one of these versions has songs from the film such as Help and Ticket To Ride.  Side two contains other Beatles hits including Yesterday.  The American release was a true soundtrack album, mixing the first seven songs with instrumental material from the film. The American version is the band’s eighth Capitol Records album and tenth overall was released on 13 August 1965 on the Capitol Records label. On the American version of this album the song Yesterday is omitted  on this album to be released later on the Yesterday and Today album. This album also includes one of my favorites You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.  I recommend both copies of this album to anyone’s Beatles library.


A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles

A Hard Day’s Night is the third studio album by the English rock band The Beatles, released on 10 July 1964, with side one containing songs from the soundtrack to their film A Hard Day’s Night. The American version of the album was released on 26 June 1964, two weeks earlier by United Artists Records in both mono and stereo, the fourth Beatles album in the United States.  All 13 tracks on A Hard Day’s Night were written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. These Two albums features such hits as the title track A Hard Day’s Night, Can’t By Me Love, If I Fell, And I Love Her, and much more. These albums were well performed and recorded.  I recommend both versions of this album to anyone’s Beatle library.

Eddie And The Cruisers II: Eddie Lives by John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band

Eddie And The Cruisers 2 : Eddie Lives is a sequel album by John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band of the movie of the same name recorded in 1989 on the Scotti Brothers Records label.  You can’t own one soundtrack album without having the other.  In my personal opinion I liked more songs off the second one than I did the first.  This album was very well written, recorded and performed.  There are great tracks such as Runnin’ Through The Fire, Emotional Storm, Just A Matter if Time, Some Like It Hot and much more.   This is a great addition to anyone’s soundtrack library.


Eddie And The Cruisers Original Move Soundtrack by John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band.

Eddie And The Cruisers is the original movie soundtrack to the film of the same name recorded by John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band recorded in 1983 on Scotti Brothers Records.  This is one of my favorite films so I always wanted to add the vinyl soundtrack to my collection.  This album was very well written, performed and recorded.  There are a lot of great tracks on this album such as On The Dark Side, Season In Hell, Wild Summer Nights, and my favorite track Tender Years.  This is one soundtrack I would recommend you add to your record library.


The Jazz Singer Original Movie Soundtrack by Neil Diamond

The Jazz Singer is an album by Neil Diamond from 1980, which served as the soundtrack album to the 1980 remake of the film The Jazz Singer. The soundtrack was released in November 1980 originally on Capitol Records.  This soundtrack produced three top ten singles which were America, Love On The Rocks, and Hello Again.  Other than these three songs there were other great songs on this album that was just as great such as Amazed & Confused, Summerlove, Songs of Life and so much more as well as a couple tracks sung in Hebrew.  This album is of one my favorite soundtracks.  I highly recommend this album to anyone’s record library.


Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Movie Soundtrack

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is a multi-platinum double album produced by George Martin, featuring covers of songs by The Beatles. It was released in July 1978, as the soundtrack to the film Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which starred the Bee GeesPeter Frampton and Steve Martin, Alice Cooper and much more. This album was released in July 1978 on the RSO Records label.  I don’t agree with the assessment of being regarded as one of the worst albums ever recorded,[5] the release made history as being the first record to “return platinum”, with over four million copies of it taken off store shelves and shipped back to distributors. It is true there were tracks on this soundtrack that did not sound that great with poor choices of vocals.  Still where else can you find a album that has great tracks as Got To Get You Out Of My Life by Earth Wind and Fire, Come Together by Aerosmith, Get Back by Billy Preston (who played keyboards on the original Beatles track), and several others.  I still recommend this album to anyone’s soundtrack library.


Songs Our Dads Wrote by Wilson Fairchild

Songs Our Dads Wrote is the third album by county music duo Wilson Fairchild that is scheduled to be released on February 3rd on the BFD Records label.  Wilson Fairchild is the duo of Wil and Langdon Reid, sons of Statler Brothers members Harold and Don Reid.   This Duo has amazing harmonies and awesome Harmonica works.  This album was very well written, performed and recorded.  Among the great cuts on this ten track album are Left Handed Woman, She’s Too Good, A Letter From Shirley Miller, Guilty, The Statler Brothers Song and much more.  All songs on this album was written by Harold and Don Reed except for The Statler Brothers Song which was written by Wil and Langdon as a tribute to their fathers. I am looking forward to hearing their first two albums.  I would recommend this album to any country fan. Pre order it now.


From The Top by The Carpenters

From the Top is a box set by The Carpenters, released in 1991 on A&M records, which contains everything from the Richard Carpenter Trio recordings from 1965 to their biggest hits in the early 1970s to the last song ever recorded by the Carpenters.  This four CD set started off with earlier recordings from 1965 to 1970 that has songs recorded before the Carpenters became popular to (They Long To Be) Close To You and We’ve Only Just Begun.  The second disc contains songs from 1971-1973 with such hits such as Superstar, Goodbye to Love, Bless The Beasts and the Children (my favorite) and much more.  Disc 3 covers songs from 1974 to 1978 with hits like Please Mr. Postman and Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft.  Disc 4 covers the years 1978-1982 covering songs recorded before Karen Carpenters death in 1983 including their last hit Now.  This compilation was well written, performed and recorded.  I recommend this collection to anyone’s Carpenter library.



Six String Soldier by Joey Stuckey

Six String Solider is a seven track album by Americana, blues, and rock artist Joey Stuckey released November 2016 on the Senate Records Inc. label.  This album contains bluesy vocals and great guitar riffs.  My favorite tracks off this album are Blind Man Drivin, All Roads Lead To A Broken Heart, and Mr. Mooney. This album was well written, recorded and performed.  I am looking forward to hearing more of my music. You can purchase this album on Amazon, Itunes and CD baby.


The Sound of Christmas by Betsy Walter and Vince Constantino

I normally don’t review individual songs but I am making an exception on this one.  Yes I know it is a month after Christmas, I felt I needed to do this review since I was unable to do it earlier.  The song is The Sound of Christmas by Betsy Walter and Vince Constantino. This song was very well written, performed and recorded.  This song sounds like the style you would have heard during the big band era.  This song has great vocals and great backup band.  I am looking forward to more music by this artist.