Prince Of Darkness by Ozzy Osbourne

Prince of Darkness is a box set of four CDs by Ozzy  Osbourne released in 2005 on the Epic Records label.  The first two CDs in this set is his solo work from 1981 to 2001 which includes to such tracks as Crazy Train, Mama I’m Coming Home, Flying Home Again, Dreamer (My all time favorite song of his) and much more.  I was disappointed that the song Shot In The Dark was not on this collection.  I thought that one of his best rock solo songs.   Disc three was collaborations with such songs as Iron Man, N.I.B., Nowhere to Run, and others. Disc four was cover versions of great songs such as Mississippi Queen (originally done by Mountain), In My Life (originally recorded by The Beatles), For What It’s Worth (originally recorded by Buffalo Springfield), All the Young Dudes (originally recorded by Mott The Hoople) and Changes, a duet with his daughter Kelly.  All in all this is a great collection and worth adding to your music library.



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